Led Lamp Wireless Charger 15W is a led lamp with a modern and unique design, with a soft touch finish.

It is equipped with an integrated fast Wireless charger with 15 Watt output, to easily charge your smartphone without the hassle of cables.

Choose the right light tone

Switch on and change the light intensity by simply clicking on the touch button and adjust the light position according to your preference thanks to the adjustable circular arm with a 180° rotation.

Holder for smartphone

The circular arm with led light is adjustable in inclination, and so it can be also used as a practical holder for your smartphone.

Practical and functional

The elegant design of the lamp blends in with every home, desk or nightstand.

Thanks to the practical Wireless charger you can forget about the trouble of having too many wires on your desk.

Through-Case Charging

The wireless charger does not fumble with your phone case.

Yet, it is able to charge your device directly through the case up to 5 mm thick.

To check Wireless charging compatibility, visit your device manufacturer’s website.

Compatible with different models of Smartphone and Tablet: Apple , Samsung , Motorola , Xiaomi, OPPO , Huawei , TCL , Alcatel.