• Phone Box Repairs Service

    • Nowadays technology plays an important role in our life. Imagine life without your mobile phone for example. That's why we have set up a state of the art workshop for repairing telecommunication equipment. We know that almost everyone panics when his mobile phone or cordless phone breaks down. At Phone Box we offer servicing on almost all makes and models of mobile phones, cordless phone and land line telephones.

      All repairs are carried in-house by our qualified team of technicians backed by years of experience and constantly updating themselves with the most recent technologies. If your phone breaks down, trust us that we would do our best in repairing your set and get you back on line as per our motto keeping you connected.

      We also stock a variety of spare parts for mobile phones and when a particular part is not stocked at our workshop, we provide assistance through our trusted suppliers, locally and internationally.So if you have a phone for repairs, just bring the set to Phone Box and be assured we will provide you with superior service at reasonable prices.

    • repairs@phonebox.com.mt

    • Phone Box Rental Service

    • Are you leaving your mobile phone at Phone Box for repairs?
      Can you afford to stay without a mobile until yours has been repaired?
      We can offer you a solution! For just €30.00 incl. VAT, you may rent a mobile phone from us, use your SIM card and keep the set until yours is fixed. No Hassle. One rate till yours is ready, convenient? All we need is a form of identification and € 45 incl. VAT deposit which will be refunded on collection of your mobile phone. Ask for more assistance when handling in your set for repairs .

      Are you visiting our islands and need to rent a mobile phone?
      Do you also need a local connection with credit to make calls?
      No problem, contact us on Tel: 21 381 666 or Email us on info@phonebox.com.mt with your requirements and we will offer you a
      package to suit your needs.

      • Phone Box Services

        • General Service
        • Speaker/Microphone Problems
        • Charging/Reception Problems
        • LCD Replacements
        • Powering On/Off Problems
        • Keypad/Ringer/Vibration Problems 
        • Sim Reader Problems
        • Cleaning Of Oxidized Boards
        • Software Upgrades
        • Power Amplifier Replacement
        • Component Level Problems
        • Housing Replacements
        • Conditioning of Batteries
        • Antenna Replacements
        • Coloured Back-light Replacements
        • Insurance Reports
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