We all said we’d do it this year, and 2020 gave us quite a good excuse to devote our time to exercise and workouts, but many of us might have missed the cue, leaving us hungry for a summer body. Even though gyms and sports centres are now open, training at home might be the safer option for a good portion of people trying to flatten the curve and their bellies.

Why not workout home? There’s no need for a personal trainer in your home, no need to shower at the gym and definitely no need to pay a tonne of money. All you need is a functioning smartphone; Apple or Android and the motivation to shed a few pounds.

Take a look at these three totally free workout apps that work on both Apple and Android devices.

1. Skimble’s Workout Trainer

Skimble’s Workout Trainer is available on both Apple and Android devices and offers exercises that can be tailored to beginner and expert levels; delivering routines that fit any level of fitness and intensity.

Skimble’s Workout Trainer

Starting with Skimble, require a few questions answers before training can be set. These questions will help program a fitness scheme that delivers exactly what you’re looking for within your comfort zone. Don’t worry there will be an added push that challenges you that little bit.

Reach your fitness goals in the free mode, or opt for a premium version to help keep your fitness on track.

2. Nike Training Club

The Nike Training Club app offers a freemium approach where a vast library of workouts can be chosen from and followed with a selection of 15 – 45 minute sessions available. The app targets different body parts to ensure that you are getting a full body workout.

Nike workout app

The app does not aim at fitting your specific fitness levels, but rather provides a selection of workouts that can all be attempted throughout the user’s experience of the app. The collections in the app that focus on specific body areas could help you reach your fitness goals much easier.

A 4 – 6 week premium version is also available. This features nutrition guidance and a wellness system in-built into the app.

3. FitOn

The Netflix of workout apps – FitOn. This app is great for its vast array of workout videos, classes, techniques and objectives. Choosing the right model for you might take some time, but once you find your style on this platform you’ll be hooked.

FitOn app

From HIIT to pilates, this app tailors its techniques to fit intensity expectations and fitness stages. FitOn also features celebrity trainers who may motivate you to work up a sweat and keep that energy going.

The original premium version for FitOn has been replaced with a full-on free version. Giving you all-access to every video on the app.

There you have it. 3 apps to test out and see what fits your routine best – all you need is your sports gear, a large bottle of water and motivation. Give your mornings a boost and get into shape before the summer ends.