Your phone spends hours tucked away in your pocket or just lying around in the dirtiest of places. Cleaning your phone’s headphone jack might not be at the top of your priority list; however, since our phone is our constant companion, its headphone jack is constantly exposed to a lot of minuscule debris particles that can stop your jack from working.

Fortunately, you don’t need to be a phone hardware expert to clean your phone’s headphone jack. There are several handy home tools that you can use to clean your headphone jack in no time!

1. Using compressed air

Compressed air in a can is a safe and easy way to remove any dirt that may be trapped in your headphone jack. The release of the intense pressure inside the can quickly removes any debris that’s trapped in even the tiniest of spaces.

  • You can easily purchase compressed air cans online or from your local electronics store.
  • Simply aim the nozzle at your headphone jack and spray directly into it.

2. Using an unfolded paper clip

An unfolded paper clip’s tip is approximately the same size as your phone’s headphone jack. Therefore, you can use it to clean the headphone jack.

  • Wrap a piece of double-sided tape around the tip of a paper clip.
  • Insert it into the jack and make a circular motion to clear any debris.

As always, make sure that you don’t apply too much pressure, as this can ruin your jack!

3. Using a cotton swab

Cotton swabs are household items that can be used for myriads of things…including cleaning your phone’s headphone jack.

  • Cut the swab to a manageable length and lightly dip it in water.
  • Then, carefully insert the swab into the jack and turn it ever so slightly.
  • Remove the used swab and repeat the process using a dry swab. This ensures that the jack is dry before you use it.