Making connections, networking and socialising with like-minded professionals are some of the best ways to get your name out there, whether you’re a big creative marketing agency, a smaller tech set up or a solo freelancer, your impression on people is vital to your business’ success. While meeting professionals face-to-face stirs up an instant impression; your digital impression is one that can have a longer-lasting effect on the right people. LinkedIn is one of the best online platforms that caters for business needs and gets all the pros together for optimum connectivity.

Hooking yourself up with a personal LinkedIn profile is always a smart option, especially if you’re looking to increase your portfolio and branch out into bigger and brighter professional adventures. In a world where 24/7 connectivity is pretty much the reality, mobile apps such as the LinkedIn download available on Android and Apple devices, can speed up your access to a super lead, a new job opportunity or even a friendly, yet professional connection. Here are a few reasons why you should get yourself the LinkedIn Mobile App;

1 – It’s fast

Yeah, most apps are ‘fast’, granted, but this kind of connectivity is far faster than the traditional handshake, business card swap and small talk rendezvous that often runs dry pretty quickly. 57% of LinkedIn users make connections on mobile devices, and a large majority of them get connected via the LinkedIn App QR Codes. It’s super easy and super efficient.

The system is pretty straightforward, you’ve met a potential lead, provider, client or collaborator at a conference; they’ve shared their credentials, you know what they do and who they do it for and it’s time to exchange the details. Instead of whipping out your wallet, searching for your card and explaining your details and the best place to contact; simply open the LinkedIn App (your phone’s probably already in your hands right?) and invite your new acquaintance to scan your QR Code – boom… instant connection. The only flaw here is that the professionals you’ll be networking with need to have LinkedIn installed on their phones too; but that’s pretty likely.

2 – It’s synched

LinkedIn App has the awesome feature of connecting to your calendar; meaning you’ll never miss out on any important events, meetings or interviews. Synching up your phone, tablet, work or home set-up to your LinkedIn account is also pretty simple; you’ll be instructed via the app and connected in no time.linkedin app

Synching your calendar maps out your day and helps you to make the most of your time. The leg work you’ll need to get done for a meeting or interview is also a lot easier since you’re in total access to your client’s or prospective employers’s profile – making the small talk a whole lot easier if you know a few bits about them. They obviously did their homework too and will have a few questions for you after checking out your LinkedIn profile.

3 – It’s real-time

Leads, small jobs or project opportunities come along at the most random times, yes it’s much better to have your Friday date night go uninterrupted, but getting a LinkedIn Message for a possible money-making opportunity means you can order the champagne instead of the rosé next time – so your better half might be happier in the long run!

Push notifications on the LinkedIn App can be set up and controlled from your Android or iPhone Settings section; these updates may feature possible jobs for you, show results of the searches your profile came up in or even notify you when a message comes through. Premium versions of LinkedIn also provide some even greater features.

4 – It’s informative

Social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube may keeps you updated with the fun stuff, the news bits and even some cool graphic stimuli but LinkedIn users very often post blogs, share informative articles and even highlight the key updates in their industry. Switching your daily scroll to LinkedIn can keep you at the top of your game; without much effort.

Filling your feed with inspiring connections whose activity in your niche market is valued can lead to some super reads allowing you to keep abreast with the latest updates, improvements or faux pas in the industry. Do your part too, be socially active and repost interesting uploads, this makes you seem that little bit more professional.

The LinkedIn App is a fountain of information and a high-speed connectivity tool that synchs itself up with your daily schedule. Keeping your LinkedIn profile updated will generate more leads, build your presence in your selected industry and even help you spark some digital business relationship – all at the click of a button; any time of day.