We all know the drill, the Buzz Lightyear – Woody scenario where your new smartphone takes over the limelight and sticks your old, probably still functioning, smartphone to the far back of the ‘junk’ draw where all hope is lost.

Getting a new smartphone is an insanely exciting, you download all your old apps, check out all the new features in-built to your new device and browse the App Store or Google Play section with high expectations – it’s a magical time. But what about your old faithful smartphone that stuck by you in the last few years? The life of a smartphone can be extended beyond general use;

Here are 4 creative ways to make use of your old Smartphone:

1 – Keep it as a backup

Whether you literally use your old smartphone as a device to backup all your data, or simply use it as a backup to your new phone is entirely up to you. Both are easily achieved.

If you’re looking for a safe storage device, clear all your old data and save it onto your preferred cloud storage – remove any unnecessary apps to allow more space for important things – don’t forget you’ll have all your used apps on your new smartphone anyway.

You can also use your old smartphone as a replacement for when your phone loses charge, gets lost, needs repairs or even if you’re heading to the beach or on a camping trip.

2 – Use it in the car

If your car is not equipped with a Bluetooth solution, plugging your phone in and out of your car stereo device can be a serious waste of time and quite the nuisance first thing in the morning and after a day’s work. You want things to be there when you need them… right?

Well why not use your old phone as a car stereo? You can keep it connected and simply hide it away when you leave the car – no need to unplug and get all flustered! What’s more,you can even use your old smartphone as a GPS Device for when you’re wandering through an unknown city.

3 – Use it as a security camera

Your old smartphone is definitely equipped with a camera, and while it may not be as awesome as your new phone’s features; the quality is still pretty good. You could easily use your old smartphone as a baby or pet monitor or even as a security camera in the house or office.

You may need to get yourself a mount to keep the smartphone angled in the right position and even download an app to record all the necessary footage you may wish to capture.

4 – Turn it into an action cam

Action cameras such as GoPros are designed to capture sports and adventure footage, they are also highly popular due to their hand-free capacity for documenting film. Why not turn your old smartphone into that very object?

It’s all in finding the right mount – the right head mounting or backpack attachment that can move around as you desire. You may want to add on a Bluetooth controlled shutter remote that will allow you to start and stop recording as you wish.

These 4 useful tips keep your smartphones out of the landfills for a few extra years and can even help you save a few hundreds in the process. If you’re not interested in upcycling your smartphone, why not consider donating your phone to a good cause?


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