Calorie counting has become a typical practice in modern life. Street food and the speed at which it can be accessed has possibly resulted in a swarm of calories coming our way in the form of tacos, burgers, pizzas and even sweeter things like waffles, pancakes and ice cream.

While there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to a fast food delicacy, a sugary treat or even a rich buttery home meal, keeping track of how many calories you’ve consumed throughout the day is key towards leading a healthy lifestyle. So whether you’re looking to keep the weight off, pile on the muscle calories or even simply tracking your eating habits and calorie intake, a calorie counter app is something that you surely need to add to your smartphone.

Here are some of the Best Calories Counter Apps:


MyFitnessPal App

MyFitnessPal is popular for its customisable tracking system. Here recommended daily calorie intake, a superb food diary and area to log all your physical activity for the day plus a weight tracker can be accessed and made use of in the free version.

The user interface is pretty friendly and clear to understand – it also updates and uses a clever tracker that allow you to make the most of your day in any food related way. The more exercise you do, the more lenient your calorie tracker will be. You can also add ‘Quick Calories’ – taking care of that sneaky midnight snack.

Lose It!

Lose It App

The easy-to-use food diary that Lose It! has created makes calorie tracking a fun and exciting journey towards a healthy lifestyle. The pedometer inbuilt into the app also helps you to keep your exercise and food consumption in sync. Your initial challenge is to add all your details to make sure all algorithms are set up according to your weight, age, gender and height – these will help determine your calorie intake.

With the super barcode scanner built into Lose It!, you can add your food by directly scanning your produce. Choosing t4he premium version will allow you to make the most of the app, there are a number of challenges that you can access in free mode, but the paid version just amplifies the app for a daily go-to.


FatSecret App

A free app that gets the job done and then some. There’s a food diary, nutrition database, weight chart, journal, healthy recipes and exercise log that all feature in FatSecret. It features a barcode tracker, a calorie intake display on the homepage and a brilliant breakdown of carbs protein and fat clearly displayed for each meal.

FatSecret also offers a monthly summary review that allows users to know exactly how they’ve performed in their eating habits. Other ways to keep motivated with FatSecret include the community chat where users across the globe can help each other out in their route to fitness.


Cronometer App

Cron-o-meter helps you keep track of your diet and pushes you towards a routine of healthy eating and exercise. Serving sizes are calculated and shared with users depending on your current health conditions; so whether you’re pregnant, going through some health issues or even battling a long term journey with weight loss; Cron-o-meter is the app to help you out.

Cron-o-meter also serves paleo diet options, low-carb or low-fat diet options, vegetarian diet plans and many others. If you’re interested in tracking your macronutrients, Cron-o-meter is probably the best app to go for.


Lifesum app

If you’re looking for an app with a fantastic interface and easy-to-use tracking system, Lifesum is a great option. The fantastic homepage allows you to get a full view of your exercise, consumed calories and calories left to enjoy. Scrolling down towards the bottom of the app will give you access to the water, fish, fruit and vegetable tracker which you are able to set in your preferences.

A cool feature here is the vegetarian tracker, where a little icon stating “Give me a burger” can be clicked when your veggie journey comes to an end. Diet plans can be opted for in the free version, but the premium version features that little bit more.

No matter the app, remember to keep strong in your journey towards health, fitness and overall wellness.