Our smartphones are extensions of our arms, they fully commit to the integrity of a human and if we’re being honest, we don’t quite know how to live without them. iPhones are by far the most popular smartphone options across the globe; so learning a few handy tricks to keep your movement and response time as swift as possible seems to make a whole lot of sense.

How can I make my iPhone more interesting?

Finding ways to make our iPhones as customisable as possible gives our technology that unique quality that extends to our personality and character. Also, it’s super fun!

While iPhone cases pretty much get the job of personalisation done, there are also a few settings adjustments that we can adopt to give our iPhones that special twist. Some of which include:

  1. Enabling dark mode to give your iPhone that edgy quality,
  2. Organising notifications to fit our routine and schedule and
  3. Getting Siri on your side and optimising to full capacity.

But there are hidden tricks that are a whole lot more outrageous than the obvious solutions. These are the best out there:

1. The Three Finger Zoom Trick

This nifty feature is hiding away in your settings, just waiting to be launched and used to its super potential. Activating your Zoom feature will allow you to better navigate your iPhone screen and read the fine print, every single time – no problem!

2. The Calculator Hidden Trick

We bet you’ve never heard of this one… the calculator trick is perfect for those who often make one or more mistakes when dividing the take out bill between friends. Yeah, we’ve all been there, starting over while everyone’s watching… no more! Simply swipe back (or forward) on your calculator screen to undo any mistakes you may have made.

3. The Instant Call Trick

Did you know that re-dialling the last number you called doesn’t need to be retyped? The inbuilt feature allows you to simply tap on the green call icon and make your call. No need to enter the ‘Recents’ tab… quicker calls with a simple tap.

4. The Hidden Spirit Trick

You know that dusty spirit level in your tool box? The one you never use but kind of need sometimes… well you don’t need to dig through rusty tools to find it anymore. iOS has an inbuilt spirit level within its framework; just open the Compass App and get your DIY going.

5. The Private Photos Hidden Trick

We’ve all got those photos we don’t want others to see. Maybe a gift you plan on surprising your kids with, or even a work photo that you need to keep out of sight – you can secure your content with a simple hidden iPhone trick. Visit the Photos App and select the pictures you’d like to keep private, press Share and click Hide. These images will go to a Hidden Folder within your Albums.

So get to experimenting. Your iPhone is now a whole new toy to occupy your time! Do you know of any other tricks?