A picture may speak a thousand words but a video can tell a story in as little time as 5 minutes. Getting your message across via video takes skill, firstly in the shots you chose to add to your video, the angle of the camera, the protagonist behind the screen and lastly, and maybe most importantly by means of the editing quality you finish off your masterpiece with.

With smartphone technology, capturing video content is totally accessible and easy to achieve. There are perks in using iPhone and perks in choosing Android technology, it’s all about preference but whichever tool you choose to capture your life in motion, you’ll need a good enough software to edit your videography and set it in the best light.

Here are some of the best video editing apps for both Android and iPhone operating systems:

Adobe Premium Rush

This bad boy can be used on both Apple and Android apparatus, not to mention Windows too. It supports 4K footage and can export directly to YouTube. This multi-track editing tool is one of the most elite software tools for video editing and while it does require a bit of time to master, the results simply speak for themselves.

Its free and cross-platform so playing around is highly recommended. The app can be downloaded directly onto your smartphone and used to export raw footage from your phone’s storage. There’s a lot this app has to offer and once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty easy to use. If you’re left hungry for more, the Pro version might be the perfect software for you.


An iOS tool that has high specs and is often dubbed the ‘most professional’ of video tools for Apple devices. Like the Adobe Premium Rush is supports 4k material, can be exported straight to YouTube and has a multi-tracker installed. Its straightforward interface does come at a minimal cost but the reviews for LumaFusion are quite promising.

Its quality is recognised by mobile journalists, filmmakers and video producers so you know it’s going to work just fine for your summer holiday video compilation if your just an amateur and can deliver the goods if you’re a pro. The audio features on Luma Fusion are also pretty cool – choose form narration, sound effects and other audio features!

video editing tool

KineMaster Pro

Android users, this one’s for you. Check out KineMaster Pro if you’re looking for a 4K compatible software with YouTube connectivity and a feature-rich system. Available as a free version, KineMaster Pro adds a watermark to your video export but the layers, tools and trim facilities available could easily encourage you to opt for the paid version after minimal usage experience.

The instant-edit previews might be the best feature it holds, you’re in total control to monitor what you’re doing and see if your editing style is taking you in the right direction. There are also some awesome 3D transitions to experiment with.


If you’re an iOS user and you’re looking for something free, then iMovie is your one and only choice; it’s the best free option out there and it will deliver on 4K quality, YouTube uploading, and simplicity of the app.

This is more of an app for amateur videographers who want to create short clips to share with friends or post to their social media; it’s in no way good enough for professionals trying to make a living off their art. It’s free to use and probably already installed on your iPhone – so give it a shot.


Another freebie but total goodie for the Android generation, FilmoraGo; this app is watermark-free and pretty easy to use. It does not, however, support 4K footage or feature multi-tracking edit features. But it does upload to YouTube directly from the app.

There’s a bunch of filters and themes that you can make use of – these features will help elevate your footage to a quasi-professional standard. The free app does feature some paid for add-ons that you may choose to opt for; but the performance of the application is pretty spot on in itself.

All that’s left to do is capture as much video footage as you can to test out these new apps – go on, get shooting!