If you’re tired of being tired, looking for some at-home relaxation techniques that could brighten your day and even have you feeling younger, healthier and happier; then yoga is the perfect practice for you.

The best thing about yoga is that you can customise your routine to any experience level, paying attention to any injuries or disabilities that might restrict your movement or comfort in a pose. You can do yoga with friends, in a class or even alone at home. But where do you get started?

With restrictions relating to social-distancing still in the air, most self-isolating people are looking for new healthy habits to add to their ‘stay at home’ routine. So how can you get to a yoga class if you’re trying to stay safe? Easy. Install an app.

Top iPhone and Android Apps for At Home Yoga

Our modern technology in the form of smartphones, tablets and smart TVs allows us to make the most out of our indoor time with apps installed with the ease of clicking a button. Yoga apps are high contenders on this list of awesome apps to build healthy habits and we’ve gone through the effort of compiling our favourites here in this list:

1. Asana Rebel

Available for download on both Android and iOS, Asana Rebel is one of the favourites amongst the yogi’s out there. Virtual yoga lessons with Asana Rebel can also be complemented with meditation sessions giving you full wellness access.

2. Peloton Digital

Peloton Digital is all about fitness. Their home treadmills and bikes prove that instantly and their new addition of yoga classes gives the brand that more approachable skill level comfort. Get this app for live sessions on both Android and iOS.

3. Down Dog

Down Dog’s name is a play on one of any yogi’s favourite poses, the Downward Facing Dog. This pose, much like this app helps to align your body, mind and soul, mixing up the music, lessons and routines for a completely unique experience every single time. Download on iOS and Android.

4. Daily Yoga

If you’re looking for a new healthy habit to keep you motivated, Daily Yoga, downloadable on both Android and iOS, could be your perfect solution. With beginner courses to start you off and daily challenges to keep experienced yogis on their toes, Daily Yoga develivers great features.

5. 5 Minute Yoga

Download 5 Minute Yoga on iOS and Android to experience versatile poses within a short period of time. If you’ve got an insanely busy schedule but still hoping for a good stretch every now and then, 5 Minute Yoga’s 1-minute poses could sort you right out.

6. Yoga Studio

Meditation, yoga, customisation and 100% support. This is what Yoga Studio offers to all their users across iOS and Android. The 150 classes on the app are unique and scaled by experience level, this gives users full control of their lesson choices.

7. Gaia

Gaia is a great app for every yogi. Their attention to detail and focus on wellbeing is what gives these creators their zen-factor. Download Gaia for peace and tranquility on your Android or Apple device.

Give yoga a chance with these great apps designed around user experience and the concepts of wellbeing, meditation and increased peace in your busy life.