The COVID-19 pandemic has taken remote working to new heights. Employers now recognise that flexibility is key for a successful, long-term relationship with their employees. As a result of this change in corporate mentality, employees now have the option to work remotely from anywhere in the world, using their smartphone as their only tool. 

In this blog post, we’re outlining 7 jobs that empower you to pair your skills and smartphone to devise a viable, full-time career. 

Customer/Tech Support Worker

The COVID-19 pandemic has transferred most customer-facing jobs to the online sphere. A career in customer service may an ideal option if you’re a customer support expert and don’t mind learning the technical ins and outs of the particular software or service you’re representing. 

Language teacher

In addition to a smartphone, this job requires a solid grasp of your native language – and a decent WiFi connection. There are several websites and companies that connect language teachers to potential students. NiceTalk is one such website. By using their smartphone as their primary teaching tool, a native English speaker can make up to $10 an hour and can also set their own teaching schedule! 

Social Media Influencer

You don’t have to be a big reality star, actor or musician to become a social media influencer. Most influencers are normal people (who happen to be savvy, business-oriented individuals) who can transform themselves into a brand and create a brand story with a unique selling point. Moreover, retailers and brands are turning away from influencers with 1m+ followers, and opting for micro or nano influencers, as the latter usually have a more dedicated following. 

Market Researcher

If you’re naturally charismatic and don’t mind cold-calling random people, you should definitely think about applying for a market research job. From beauty products to political parties, the list of companies looking for market researchers is endless. 

Rideshare driver

It’s safe to say that the taxi industry in Malta is booming. If you have a smartphone and a clean driving licence, you can get a slice of the pie by applying for a job at one of Malta’s rideshare companies. In some cases, you may need a car of your own. In other cases, the company offers a discounted car lease to get you started.  

Social Media Manager 

With the whole world going digital due to COVID-19 pandemic, social media managers are in high demand. If you’ve got an eye for visual content curation and enjoy learning about the latest marketing trends, then social media management should be right up your alley. Invest in a good smartphone as you may be required to take photos on the fly – and who wants a low-resolution photo on their social media profile?

App tester

According to RescueTime, the average adult spends three hours and 15 minutes on their phone daily. Might as well make some money if you’re spending that much time on your phone! Become a smartphone tester by using platforms such as AppNana and Tester Work. AppNana enables you to earn credits that you can later redeem to get paid apps for free. Tester Work has more than 40,000 testers on their platform, and if you’re lucky enough to become part of their team, you’ll get paid a fixed amount for test case execution or per bug found.