With a plethora of smartphones on the market, it is difficult to choose the best one for your own personal needs. Smartphones have undoubtedly become part of our daily lives. They can perform all the tasks that a computer is capable of. Along with making telephone calls and sending SMS’s, you can make calls, check emails, listen to music, watch films or TV series, browse through your various social media accounts, get directions via Google Maps, and so much more. The hard task is sifting through the multitudes of smartphones available for sale. Before going shopping to buying a smartphone, you should consider a few basic points and do a bit of online research. These 7 useful tips should put you on the right road towards achieving your objective of buying the smartphone perfect for your daily needs.

1 – Display Screen Size

Do you want a large screen, or would a smaller one do? The screen display size is an essential aspect for many people. You will see terms such as Apple’s proprietary Retina display, full HD display, AMOLED display and qHD display. You should go for a smartphone with a superior quality display which is also clearly readable in sunlight. You need to take the resolution and pixel density of the device into consideration.

2 – Price & Budget

The price and your budget are the most important factors to consider. The good news is there are many new and viable alternatives priced competitively to suit every budget. Try to stick rigidly to your budget. Chinese handsets like Huawei provide excellent value and similar features at a realistic price. They are more affordable and just as stylish.

3 – Memory Storage Size

Most modern-day smartphones come with inbuilt microSD card slots, yet many of them lack expandability via the microSD card. The storage may be mon-expandable, so consider that. Apple phones don’t typically feature expandable storage. Check exactly what you need to store in your device. Maybe files, photos, music, videos and documents. Check which of these can be transferred to cloud-based apps such as Dropbox. In any case, you will want to buy a smartphone with the largest possible memory size that you can afford. The extra space always comes in handy.

4 – Operating Systems

Each significant brand usually uses its own operating system. The most notable include iOS, Android and Windows Phone. However, many brands operate on the standard Android OS. IOS operating systems only work on Apple devices. So try to experiment beforehand to help you decide which suits you best.

5 – Battery Life

Another crucial factor to consider is the battery life. While great features are all well and good, the battery needs to be sufficiently robust to sustain them for a reasonable timeframe. You don’t want a phone dying out on you every hour! Devices with more battery capacity invariably offer better battery backup options. There are smartphones with replaceable batteries, otherwise with non-removable batteries. The former is preferable, as one can carry a replacement battery and merely replace it there and then.

6 – Type of Processor and RAM

There are several processors used on modern devices. You will see terms like dual-core, single-core, quad-core and octa-core. iPhones are powered by their signature dual-core processors. They perform better than many of the quad-core ones out there. For RAM, always go for more as it improves the overall performance of the phone.

7 – The Camera

Modern smartphones generally have fantastic cameras, fuelled by the selfie craze. You should go for superior optics instead of a higher resolution. Features such as LED flash and BSI sensor are always welcome!

Also worth a mention, connectivity is now standard 3G and 4G, superseding the 2G. You can now easily find 4G enabled smartphones at extremely affordable prices. Also, consider the after sales service of the establishment where you purchase the smartphone. Apple and Samsung are well known for their superb superior after sales service.


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