There has been lots of bad press about the adverse effects of smartphones, but hardly ever the positive ones. Having grown up in an era without mobile telephony or smartphones, someone in my age bracket can clearly identify the good, the bad and ugly. True, it’s annoying hearing a phone ring in a restaurant, and it’s only too familiar seeing a group of people staring at their smartphones instead of talking to each other.

Instead of listing the apparent benefits, let’s see how smartphones can really make your life better. A smartphone can brighten up your life in many ways if you use it right. Let’s take a look seven ways a smartphone can brighten your life and make it better.

1 – Cheap texting & Video Calls

videocall, smartphone

Texting has gone from cheap to free with the help of apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Google Hangouts, Telegram, FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, et al. The same goes for phone calls and video conferencing. Using one of the above brings down the cost of phone and video calls. This is a considerable advantage for individuals and businesses alike. Human connectivity they closer and much more affordable. We need close relationships in order to be happy, and the smartphone certainly brings people closer together, especially if they a long distance away from each other. You can even forge a relationship online with your smartphone!

2 – Research on the move

research on smartphone

Another significant advantage the smartphone offers is the ability to research while on the move. For instance, if you happen to be searching for a hotel, restaurant or want to buy something, you can google and search for any item or service, and it can be done there and then. Google Maps will then show you the exact route.

3 – Reach your fitness goals

smartphone for fitness

Fitness goals are achievable with your smartphone! There are several dedicated apps, besides the phone’s built-in features. You can reach your fitness goals, and your smartphone will help you with it. Using a fitness app can help you improve your exercise habits to assist you to produce more endorphins, which is the happy chemical that the brain releases during exercise. Your smartphone can calculate your daily walking distance.

4 – Relieves Stress for Employees

smartphone, business

Studies have found that small bursts of 5 minutes or less on social media actually lead to relaxation and relieve stress. Spending too long leads to lower productivity, but everyone needs a few minutes break during an eight-hour working day. Twenty minutes break on social media out of eight or nine hours at work is actually beneficial to workers. It can help employees recover from some of the work stress to refresh their minds and take a mental break.

5 – Learn to Meditate and Relax

smartphone in hands

Your smartphone can teach you to meditate and help you relax. There are many mediation apps one can download, however, merely doing a YouTube search will yield multiple mediation sound videos. An audiobook can also help to meditate while listening to it in complete silence. You can enjoy the full spectrum of benefits that meditation offers, including tranquillity and increased concentration. Get rid of that harmful stress that’s been weighing you down for years.

6 – Social Media makes you happier

social media

Scrolling through your Facebook feed feeling jealous of everyone else’s life definitely is not healthy! Studies suggest social media can also boost your happiness. Somehow, people feel more loved and worthy after visiting their Facebook profiles and news feeds. As long as you don’t overdo it! Social media can help you to express gratitude more regularly and connect you with a positive, and supportive community. Playground Parents have repeatedly said their phones brought them joy. If they are used in the right manner, smartphones can be an enjoyable way to pass a few minutes and connect with other people.

7 – Keeps you Safe

smartphone on the street

If you are walking home alone at night through a dark avenue, or bad part of town is not as dangerous as it was 15 years ago. Your smartphone has an inbuilt tracking device. Besides, there are useful apps such as bSafe, which have additional unique features like the Follow Me live GPS trace, which lets your friends and family know where you are if you need help.


Also worth a mention, smartphones can detect earthquakes as the phone has an in-built Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) accelerometer which tracks your movements and also keeps your map rotated in the right direction. They also give sight to and bring information to the developing world. Smartphones and tablets can be used as textbook replacements along with being used for research. This is especially useful got the developing world as it does away with costly textbooks. We can quickly forget these palm-sized smartphone devices can pack more computer power than a spaceship and all the PCs of the past. Smartphones can improve our lives in many ways you never thought even existed!


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