Apple’s famous AirPod earphones are much more than just a standard listening device. Superior features and wireless capability make the AirPod stand out from the competition. Since their launch just a short while ago, reviews have been pretty favourable, and Apple fans are satisfied with the overall sound quality and exclusive features. The high level of demand is a testimony to the AirPod’s popularity. Super features like secure connectivity make them easy to use, you just put them on, and they connect automatically with your mobile device.

Voice Activation

A premier feature is the voice activation system employed by the Apple AirPod. Speaking into them creates crystal clear voice sound and activates all the exceptional functions. The AirPod is simple in design, yet don’t be deceived! Technology marries simplicity to craft a magical experience. All it takes a simple one-tap setup and the AirPod is automatically switched on and connected. They are straightforward to use and can sense when they are in your ears, and they even pause when you take them off! A voice accelerometer recognises when you are speaking and works with two beamforming microphones which filter out external noise and focus on clarifying the sound of your own voice. It knows when you’re listening, and the optical sensors and motion accelerometers work together with the signature Apple W1 chip. The chip automatically controls the audio and engages the microphone. The experience is brilliant whether using your Mac, iPad or iPhone, the clarity and simplicity of use are the main advantages of the AirPod. Oh, and the sound is quite brilliant too!

The Apple W1 Computer Chip

The groundbreaking custom-designed Apple W1 chip is responsible for driving the AirPod and powering its amazing features. Primarily, the extremely efficient wireless system provides a much better connection and significantly improved sound quality. The W1 chip also manages battery life efficiently which contains over 5 hours of power from a single charge! That is performance unheard of for such a small device. The chip is also responsible for enabling the AirPod to play sound immediately they are placed in your ears.

24-Hour Battery Life

The AirPod deliver industry-leading battery life lasting up to 6 hours with a single charge. The unique charging system allows for even more power thanks to the special charging case that can hold multiple additional charges, right up to 24 hours of listening time. A quick charge of 15 minutes will provide you with over 3 hours of listening time. Charging the battery couldn’t be simpler, all you need to do is place it next to your iPhone and it charges automatically, providing up to 24 hours of music listening time.

Superb Sound Quality

The features may be brilliant, but what about the quality of sound. Listening to music or films with an AirPod recreates a realistic and faithful sound as close to the original as can be. AirPods provide vibrant and textured high-quality AAC audio. Making a phone call is intuitive and comfortable, and the dual beamforming microphones will filter out all the background noise whenever you make calls. AirPods will connect automatically with all your Apple devices and provide you with optimum sound and industry beating features. Isn’t it about time you tried our Apple’s amazing AirPods?