We are constantly sharing content, sometimes a fun Instagram Story and other times a more serious PDF document, and the likelihood is that we’re going to view or at least refer to such documents on our tablets or smartphones; so some sort of compatibility is necessary.

Opening PDFs on our portable devices can be quite the headache if you don’t have the right software to simplify the task. Luckily, both the App Store and Google Play feature a great selection of apps to facilitate the job.

Here are the top 5 PDF file reader apps for iOS devices:

Adobe Acrobat Reader

This app allows you to annotate PDF files on your iPad or iPhone. Adobe Acrobat Reader allows users to have a good PDF reading experience for free. Editing to a certain extent is also free of use, but exporting and converting does come at an extra cost.

Foxit PDF Reader

This reader is generally used on Windows devices, but it is completely compatible with iOS technology. Foxit PDF Reader is a free app when it comes to opening and reading files, but editing does come at a hefty price. This app optimises files to allow for a better read.


PDFelement is an all-rounder; compatible with Apple, Windows and Android devices;it’s a user-friendly interface that allows you to work freely on your limited screen-size. Here you will be able to underline, highlight and strikethrough text as you scroll.


Unique to Apple technology, iBooks is Apple’s own book reading app that imports pdf files to its storage. iBooks is not as well-equipped with editing tools as other apps, it does offer a great reading platform; is completely free on iPhones and iPads and has a full search function.

PDF Reader

This free app combines editor tools, converters and readers to provide the best user-experience. An auto-scrolling feature allows users of PDF Reader to enjoy their experience with the app; you can also choose from horizontal or vertical reading views.

These are the top 5 Android-compatible PDF file reader apps:

Google PDF Viewer

If you have the option, Google should always be your first choice. Turn to Google PDF Viewer for all your PDF needs, from editing to printing. When it comes to user experience, Google never seems to fail in this department.

PDF Viewer

Similar to iBooks in design, PDF Viewer allows you to scroll through your documents, loading one page at a time to save on your cellular data. This standalone PDF reader gives your Android device all it needs to leisurely read through your data.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader is compatible on both Android and Apple devices. If you’re working on an Android tablet, this app is a great tool to install for everyday use. It does feature in-app purchases that can make your workflow more efficient.

Xodo PDF Reader and Editor

Xodo is one of the only free apps that allows editing features. Apart from storing, reading and editing your PDFs on Xodo PDF Reader and Editor, you’ll also be able to add amazing annotations. This app also features a full search function.

EBook & PDF Reader

This app is one of the best categorised, with a ‘Recent Books’ feature for easy access to your important PDF documents, the main interface of EBook & PDF Reader is quick and easy to use. This app also features Night Mode for easier reading before bed.

Finding the right PDF app for your smartphone or tablet will give you the accessibility to your files that you need wherever you are. Choose from our list of top PDF opener apps to keep on scrolling even when you’re away from the office.


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