The gifts that keep on giving – awesome gifts for everyone on your list

//The gifts that keep on giving – awesome gifts for everyone on your list

The gifts that keep on giving – awesome gifts for everyone on your list

Christmas is a time of giving –  a time where loved ones gather and share the best of times together – it’s a time where families sit and reminisce, where friends laugh and make new memories and where couples embrace for the jolly festive season – but apart from all the ‘togetherness’ there’s one very important detail we’re missing out – the presents!

You might pretend that it’s not about the gifts, not about what’s under the tree, tightly wrapped in golden paper, ribbon and bow glistening… but we all know that’s a lie – getting a gift is a great feeling especially if it’s a good one! And giving a gift is even better!

There’s something for everyone out there and Phone Box has it all. Whether you’re looking to impress, amuse or simply show a bit of love – here are the best gifts available for anyone on your list.

Your someone special

We’re assuming that there’s someone extra special in your life, the best thing in your life perhaps; well I guess it goes without saying that they deserve the best! And tell us now… what’s better than the new iPhone 11 Pro?

This one-hand-friendly size is Apple’s most powerful phone that comes with a triple-lens camera that shoots best-in-class photos and captures stunning videos to make those memories last forever. This one’s a great choice is you’re looking to impress.

Well some of you might totally disagree with the above text, thinking that it’s all about the Samsung Note 10+… well you might be right and the choice is yours. Luckily, Phone Box have both smartphones in store and will hook you up with the best phone for your someone special.

Your trendy buddy

Whether it’s your mate, your teenage kid or a young-at-heart relative, the Apple AirPods could make for a great gift for any music lover! These state-of-the-art EarPods connect via Bluetooth and carry up to 24hrs of listening time – that a whole lot of songs!

Maybe, music’s not their thing and a super cool smart watch would make for a much better gift! The Xiaomi AmazFit is stylish, practical and totally compatible with Apple and Android devices – synching you up with the latest gadgets!

Your social media friend

We’ve all got one, a friend who’s pretty much addicted to social media, and if you can’t identify the addict in your group, this gift might be perfect for you. The reality of keeping connected to social media 24/7 is pretty ‘normal’ these days, but what about those lost hours in the car? You can’t text and drive! But you can record your travels with a windscreen car holder. Genius!

Your clumsy friend

Knocks and scratches are pretty normal – but dropping your phone once every hour is pretty severe. If one of your friends, a family member or colleague (who you happen to have as your Secret Santa) pops into your mind; there’s the perfect gift just waiting for them at Phone Box.

You’ve even got two choices; a screen protector which will ward away any unwanted screen repairs  or even a selection of mobile covers that will protect the body of a variety of mobile phones. Problem – solved!

Your tiny people

Little kids can also be catered for at Phone Box, why not get the little ones in your life a gift that works wonders, a gift that will bring a smile to every tantrum-throwing-toddler… a tablet. iPad or not, this technological wonder will enlighten the kids in your life and keep unnecessary screaming, crying or naughty behaviour out of sight!

You might want to check with the kid’s parents before you show up with such gifts though, technology time might be something that’s being reduced in the child’s life, so be a good gift-giver and ask the grown ups what they think.

Take your pick ladies and gents, so many options for every sort of situation, Christmas is the time for giving, sharing and making memories; be happy, be jolly and gift from the heart! Merry Christmas!

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