The Top 5 Apps to Get Your Podcasts

//The Top 5 Apps to Get Your Podcasts

The Top 5 Apps to Get Your Podcasts

Getting your daily dose of online content that makes you happy is pretty much standard in this day and age. Sometimes it’s funny content that simply brings some laughter to your morning bus ride, other times it’s a well-written blog about your favourite TV show and at times it’s a properly planned out and highly engaging podcast detailing some of the most important factors on a topic you’re interested in.

Podcasts are great means of communication that connect creators to their audiences by churning out topic based recordings of the hottest topics in their industry. Whether it’s beauty and fashion you’re looking to learn more about or even the world of technology that pricks up your ears while making your way to the office; there’s a podcast stream out there waiting to be discovered. But where to find these great podcast options?

Here are 5 of the best apps that you could try out to meet your every podcast need:


If you’re an Apple user, then you’re in luck. Castro is an app exclusive to iOS that comes in the form of a free version and can unleash a lot more than the standard podcast apps do at this tier. Unlocking the premium version; Castro Plus; reveals Sideload – a tool that allows its users to add on audio tools from a from third party providers; this comes at a yearly subscription cost that, as a user, you’ll need to measure its worth for your daily habits.


Similar to Castro, Overcast is also exclusive to the iOS interface, it connects with Apple devices to provide podcast streaming that can entertain you for hours. There is a free version available out there and it’s great, but of course carries adverts that may pop up and interrupt your listening time. A premium version blocks ads and also reveals additional features that allow the sharing of podcasts across other media.

Google/Apple Podcasts

No matter how many new podcast providers pop up, Google and Apple podcasts remain the originators of the very content launch – they’re no longer the most innovative; but there’s a lot of value in-built into the apps too. Primarily; their perks are seen in their convenience and cost in comparison to the other service providers. Apple Podcasts are readily installed on all iOS devices and of course all Google Suite setups come with Google Podcasts available to Apple and Android users.


The king of audio streaming, the leading provider in music, audiobooks and of course podcasts too. Rather feasible and easy to use; Spotify is the perfect podcast hosting service that builds libraries and preferences built on every user’s likes. The free version is rather handy if you have a mobile internet service provider that bars streaming data consumption from your monthly data allowance. Premium is all about unlimited skips, downloading content possibilities and a whole lot more

Pocket Cast

If you’re looking for a streamlined, user friendly app that gets the job done and even features some cool specs in its interface; Pocket Cast is probably the app you should go for. It’s intuitive in the sense that it reacts to your surroundings, pauses podcasts when calls come in, picks up right where you left off on your phone and even across your entire family of devices. It’s a little touch that takes this app over the edge! There’s also a great perk in the totally affordable one-time payment that makes Pocket Cast accessible to a variety of users.

Your choices are endless here; the best thing you could do is probably try the free trials for a few of these streaming services and choose your absolute favourite to fill you days with bounds of information and a good source of entertainment.

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