Wireless Charging: How Does it Work?

//Wireless Charging: How Does it Work?

Wireless Charging: How Does it Work?

If this generation of techies is one thing; they’re innovative. Innovation often means coming up with easier and faster ways to achieve tasks on a daily basis; whether it’s a smarter way to log your time as an entrepreneur or even a more efficient means of collecting your calories for the day – the tech gurus out there are on the ball and ready to deliver.

Like most apps; mobile compatibility is vital to the constant connectivity that we crave. The only problem with being constantly connected to our phones is that, no matter if you’re sporting the latest Apple or Android device; your battery will run out within the day. Fully accessible charging techniques need to be developed on a whim and the masterminds of our century have developed one handy solution: wireless charging.

The iPhone 8, X and of course 11 are all equipped with this feature while the competing brand Samsung Galaxy and other Android bases boast the innovative perk too. The biggest perk to wireless charging is definitely the fact that charging cables needn’t exist in your home or office any more. Simply pop your wireless charging smartphone onto its compatible dock and let the technology work its magic!

But how does wireless charging work?

Qi wireless charging is quickly becoming the leading form of energy transfer across all platforms. With iPhone 8’s (and X’s) launch of the technology, electromagnetic induction was introduced as a possible means of charging. This charger uses an induction coil that creates an alternating magnetic field that is converted back into electricity and fed into the battery by means of the receiver coil. This is a technique that rechargable toothbrushes have been using for some twenty years now.

Other technologies include AirFuel Alliance or PMA; promoting energy transfer across all devices.

Does it actually work?

Well, if you leave your phone on your charging dock for a good amount of time; you will find that your battery is fully charged and ready to go; so in theory, yes, it does work! The speed at which it charges though is questionable. Older models don’t usually pack enough power; but newer models are able to reach optimum charging speeds without any issues. Before purchasing your wireless charging dock, ask an expert at Phone Box to sort you out with the best option for your set up.

The greatest news linked to wireless charging is that the standards are constantly being worked on. The technology will keep getting better and better! So as things stand, your best choices would be to get yourself equipped with a great wireless charging dock for your home and office setup; get used to the innovative technology and be on the ball for any upcoming updates! A great place to keep your wireless charging dock is at your desk, in the kitchen or by your spot in the living room. Recharge every living space with modern technology that’s soon to dominate the entire sphere for mobile charging.

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