Music plays a major role in our lives, we need it when we’re driving from one location to the next, when we’re preparing dinner or carrying out our chores around the house, we even need it to help us relax in the bathtub or entertain guests at dinner. But sometimes, the folks around you are not quite up for a spot of death metal, their morning commute or gym workout requires a different style of music, a personal motivator that is streamed, not through a stereo system, but through the use of headphones, earphones or earbuds.

There are quite a few good brands out there that really pack a punch when it comes to bass drops, surround sound and clarity in music and the choice between headphones, earphones and earbuds is pretty personal.

Headphones are generally used by gamers, metal heads or some of the cooler kids rocking out to a private electric guitar sesh, earphones can pack quite the punch but travel a lot lighter and never get in the way of your sports activities or such like while earbuds are the most trending thing around because of their sleek design, powerful sound production and ultimate cool factor. This is a battle that can be argued for many reasons, each carrying its own personal user experience in different situations, but there is a lost battle between wired and wireless versions – non-Bluetooth versions lose… big time!

The biggest perk of a Bluetooth headset or bud is its convenience, there are no wires to tangle up and disrupt your music playing sessions, neither are there any unsightly cable having by your neck. Some other advantages include;

Keep your distance

Fact: wired headphones limit your mobility. Also fact: wireless headphone provide a motion range of 8-9 meters from your device. Sure, you can carry your phone in your pocket and have yourself hooked up while you take that mini-break to fix yourself a coffee, but it’s it just a whole lot easier if you can just wander around within your radius of action? Keep your phone at your office desk, in your backpack or even the gym locker. Pretty neat.

wireless earphones

Amp up the control

Most wireless headphones are equipped with added controls such as hands-free phone call functions, volume adjustment buttons as well as panels to control your choice of song. A walk through the park with wireless headphones allows you to free up your hands, skip through the songs you’re not that into and throw a frisbee all at the same time. Go on multitaskers, give it a try.

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Another super feature of wireless headphone technology is that Bluetooth can be disconnected and connected without physically changing a cable. A click of a button connects you to a new device within seconds – no hassle, no tangled wires or auxiliary jack connections (*cough, cough* iPhone), just simple pairing, nice and easy.

Turn up the style

While style and design should not define what sort of headphones you purchase, the overall look does make a slight difference to some and a huge difference to others – it’s a consumer’s market and fashion plays a big part. Wireless headphones are a lot more stylish than their wired cousins and the winner of this competition is definitely the earbud variety of wireless Bluetooth technology.

So once you’ve decided that Bluetooth wireless headphones, earphones or earbuds is the right way to go – choose your favourite model based on style, sound quality and cost or head down to Phone Box for your pick of the best models on the market.