Catching a bus in Malta can sometimes be a nightmare. You don’t know when, or if it will arrive! Malta has invested heavily in an extensive, and modern bus fleet over the years and the buses are electric and non-polluting, making then environmentally friendly, safer, and more comfortable. There are over 200 single-deck buses on the roads with the latest Euro 6 technology. All buses are regularly cleaned, well maintained, and equipped with air-conditioning.

Tallinja App for smartphones

In 2015, a new, personalised smart-card and App called Tallinja Card was introduced, and it provides lower-cost bus fares and faster boarding. You can check when the bus will arrive with your smartphone, and there are over 320,000 individuals with personalised Tallinja cards in Malta as of 2019. The App makes it easier to catch a bus, and the Malta bus system has taken a massive step towards better service. The Tallinja App for your smartphone can be used to buy tickets for the bus trip before you board.

Real-Time Information

Before the introduction of the Tallinja App in Malta, it was impossible to predict when a bus will arrive at your stop. Besides, many drivers demanded the exact change and credit or debit cards were not accepted as payment methods. All you need to do now is download the Tallinja app to your smartphone, connect your credit card, and buy a ticket on the go. You can now access real-time information about arrival and departure times for all bus routes in Malta.

app for busses

More comfortable and more convenient with your smartphone

The Tallinja App is compatible with most Android and iOS mobile phones, and you can download it directly from the Apple or Google Play stores, and it is free of charge. The innovative Tallinja app will drastically improve your public transport experience, and you can even use the App to find the closest bus stop to your exact location. Another advantage of using your smartphone in conjunction with the bus system is that you can view which bus routes pass closest to your location, and the estimated time of arrival. The App uses GPS technology, showing you the exact location of every bus, which transmits its current position to the central system, which is then relayed to your App in real-time. You can compare your location to exactly when the bus is planned to arrive at your destination. There are over 2,000 bus stops all over Malta and Gozo, and the advanced capabilities of the Tallinja app also offer additional benefits. Once you register online, you can check your Tallinja card balance, see your transaction history, top up your balance and see the actual bus trips you have made over a given period.

Unique Benefits of using an app

Planning your bus journey is easy and convenient with the Tallinja App. You can identify all the bus stops on an interactive map, based on GPS, so you can easily plan your trip around the islands. The benefits include Instant checks of your balance, which you can access by entering your Tallinja card customer number on the reverse side of the card. You can also send an SMS with your card number, and receive one in return with your balance. This function also permits you to top up friends’ cards if they are using the system, and you can do this by using your credit or debit card, or a top-up voucher. You can save bus stops to your App, so when you come to plan a journey around the island, you will automatically find all the relevant bus stops. You can even get in touch with the public transport authority to make suggestions, queries or complaints, and once you have signed up for the service using your personal login area, you gain access to lots of advanced features, such as a list of all your past bus journeys. You can use this unique function to plan a trip around Malta and Gozo based on the bus stops around the islands. The App shows you the shortest walking distance to the nearest bus stop, and the least possible bus transfers when you are planning the optimum route for your journey. This info shows you which buses will be arriving at your bus stop within the next 30 minutes, based on estimates, and you can view an accurate list of bus trips you made, including the fare paid for each of the trips.


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