If you’re a busy entrepreneur, you might have gotten used to carrying around two (or more) clunky phones at the same time. However, you’ll be pleased to learn that there’s a solution to this pesky problem: Dual Sim phones, of course! More and more dual SIM devices are hitting the market, making it easier to keep your work and personal contacts separate.

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Two contact lists, one headset

Dual SIM phones have one clear advantage – that of merging your work phone and your personal phone into one smartphone. You don’t need to carry around two mobile phones. Best of all, you don’t need to go through the whole process of changing SIM cards when landing in another country.

Dual SIM phones are super easy to use since they’ve been carefully set up to notify you through which line a call or text is coming through. This notification enables you to differentiate between a work-related call or a personal call before you even answer your phone.

Generally, Dual SIM phones are sold unlocked: i.e. you’re not locked to one specific network. This is particularly advantageous when travelling, as it enables users to make use of various data, text and call plans offered by two suppliers that can be stationed in two different countries.

Different types of Dual SIM phones

There are three types of Dual SIM modes; namely DSS, DSDS and DSFA.

Dual Sim Passive (DSS)

Dual Sim Passive means that only one SIM can be active at any given time. The other SIM would be inactive, and you’re unable to use it unless it’s manually activated. To do this, you still have to deactivate the first SIM.

Dual SIM Full Active (DSFA)

DSFA allows you to use both of your SIM cards at the same time. Your phone would be able to receive texts and calls from either of the two SIM cards simultaneously since they’re permanently active.

Dual SIM Dual Standby (DSDS)

The most recent models feature DSDS technology – which is a DSS and DSFA hybrid. The two SIM cards are active only when they’re not in use. When one SIM is active, the other is automatically switched to “inactive” mode.


A Dual SIM setup allows for a certain degree of flexibility that’s not possible with a single SIM handset.

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