Give Your Smartphone Wallpaper a Brand New Look With These 8 Awesome Sites

Our smartphones have become an integral part of lives, an attachment of our arms that hold every aspect of our lives at their very core. We’re constantly connected to anything related to business or leisure, we customise every notification, add in important reminders through the various apps on our devices – so why are our wallpapers stuck in the past?

Giving your smartphone that flair and character that we identify with is a creative way to make our phone unique; it’s also a great way to add a little more fun into our lives. Finding the perfect wallpaper to welcome you on your homescreen doesn’t have to be a troubling task, there are so many websites to help you get exactly what you’re after; and we’ve made your life that little bit easier with these top 8 wallpaper websites;


Check out this niche website where fan art comes to life under the careful creation of top notch artists! DeviantArt captures even the most obscure of personalities with TV show characters, celebrity imagery and even branded displays that will brighten your wallpaper with original creative artwork.

deviantart wallpaper


If you’re into memes then Imgur is the site for you! Hit this site for a bunch of fun wallpapers that set your smartphone to the best mood possible for your day – change your background according to your new favourite meme; there are tonnes to choose from so you’ll never run out of options.


Tree huggers and nature lovers listen up… InterfaceLift has an ocean of choices to keep you entertained, motivated and even inspired by the stellar resolution imagery for your smartphones. Whether it’s a lavender field or a coral reef that lifts your spirits up, InterfaceLift has nature’s solution for you.


Looking for some stock imagery? A clean, yet optimised image to fill your screen? Have you heard of Pexels? They’ve got so many varied images in their collection; thousands to choose from in fact! From travel scenery to food displays, animal imagery or even some seriously wicked black and white photography; go on, check them out!

sunset wallpaper


High-contrast. Colour. High-resolution. Three of the perks visiting Wallahven will surprise you with. The genres to choose from here are unlimited; so many scenes and topics to suit any wallpaper obsession. You can also filter your searches to get the most unique image for your display – you can even search by hashtag!


The king of humour, the legendary meme provided that makes us lol on a daily basis through their hourly updates on social media, 9GAG is here to give you the giggles every time you access your phone. The optimised downloads cater to higher and lower resolution screens; you may need to filter through the options for the best resolution though.

frog image


This is where things get serious, a wallpaper lover’s biggest dream – Reddit! There are so many sub categories to choose from here, you’ll never be lost for choice. Maybe you’re into Anime, get the latest Tokyo Ghoul imagery, possibly it’s K-Pop you’re currently obsessed with; maybe the newest BlackPink photoshoot will best describe you. It’s your choice.


This is for all the Android users out there, Unsplash! A great collection of wallpapers to sort your stock imagery needs – no more useless searches, categorised images that update daily for various wallpaper changes throughout the week. Mix it up, brighten your Mondays with an inspirational quote and flip it over to a fun and vibrant look, fresh for the weekend.

Something as simple as a wallpaper can make a world of difference to your Android, Apple or Windows smartphone – all you have to do now is decide what you’re on the hunt for! Choose the best website for you; it’s all in your control.


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