Batteries don’t last forever, especially if you are browsing the net or on social media like Facebook and Twitter. You may need to charge that battery several times a day if you use it a lot. Nevertheless, if you take care of your smartphone battery and charge it properly, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t last a couple of years at least. Most phones have energy saving settings and other features like Auto Brightness, which conserve the battery. There a handful of tricks you can use to extend your battery’s lifespan, and we will take a look at the optimum way to charge your phone as well.

The Two Stages of Battery Charging

The first stage is a quick charge when the voltage rises drastically in a short space of time. It might show you it is full; however, it might just be at 80%. The second stage is the slow, trickle charge, which takes a lot longer. The voltage will peak, while the remaining battery power slowly charges from 80% to 100%. Lithium-Ion Batteries aren’t able to absorb overcharging, and the charge should be cut off once they reach 100%. Most quality mobile phone chargers use IC, or integrated circuitry, which is a feature that takes care of stopping the charge even if still plugged in. On the other hand, you shouldn’t let your battery run down to 0% as it can contribute towards overuse and premature shut-off. Once again, most phones have in-built safeguards that shut your phone down before the battery is overused.

Some Tips to Extend your Phone’s Battery Life

Avoiding extreme heat and cold keeps your battery in a comfortable environment. If your phone suddenly overheats, stop using it immediately. You should remove your mobile phone from its case before charging and avoid contact with direct sunlight. Always make sure to have the very latest operating system as each update brings new features that dramatically increase the battery life and performance. Dimming your screen and turning on the Auto-Brightness feature automatically adjusts your screen to match the unique ambience light around. It will be bright enough to see your screen clearly without using too much battery power. Lower the brightness manually to match your environment.

charging smartphone portable charger

Always Carry a Charging Cable

You may need to charge your phone at a friend’s house, hotel or anywhere really. Keeping a charging cable handy is a good idea and essential. There are charging stations at events, music festivals, conferences and even at the airport. USB ports are springing up everywhere. You can find them in taxis, busses and planes, which shows how important charging your phone has become. Another option is to buy a portable charger so that way you will have another few charges for your mobile phone while out and about for a long time. But don’t forget to charge your portable charger!

Battery Charging Case

You might consider buying a battery charging case. You kill two birds with one stone by protecting your phone while charging it. Furthermore, you give yourself extra battery power. Battery cases tend to provide the exact same amount of protection for your phone and offer additional talk, surf, and text time.

Save Money and Charge your Battery Correctly

Your mobile phone battery is one of the most expensive components to replace and make no mistake, you will eventually need to replace it if you keep your phone for long. The key to extending its lifespan is to charge it correctly. Following the advice set out here will go a long way to conserving your battery and extending its life for as long as possible. Take care of your phone’s battery, and it will take care of you!