Google has revolutionised the industry in more ways than one, and Google Maps is a prime example. Armed with a smartphone, you can go virtually anywhere on the planet and not get lost! Google Maps is undoubtedly one of the most reliable and up to date mapping services, providing location information via satellite imagery. Wherever you go, you won’t get lost if you use Google Maps. The efficient service this online tool offers cannot be denied. You can check the fastest route to your destination, and Google Maps shows landmarks along the way to simplify your journey. You can find obscure addresses, and locate establishments like restaurants and venues, and you also get real-time directions to your destination through Google Maps.

What are the advantages of Google Maps?

Paper maps are still in use; however, online mapping services like Google Maps are taking over steadily, as more and more people start waking up to its advantages and intrinsic benefits. The ease of use and ability to store information combine with various map views like aerial satellite imagery, and terrain overlay information along with standard map view. The useful Street View feature gives you a panoramic view of all the areas and buildings surrounding the street you are looking for. These pictures have all been taken by people in specially equipped cars at street level with real digital cameras.

Never get lost with real-time directions

Upon entering two different locations, Google Maps gives you directions for the fastest and most practical route, whether you are driving, walking, or cycling. You can also access public transportation routes and bus stops. Google Maps also provides a detailed summary of each direction, and an estimate for your time of arrival depending on your mode of transport. You can also create your own custom map, adding locations, landmarks, and shapes with red pins marking them on the map. The custom maps can be saved to your mobile phone and accessed even without WiFi! You can share links with friends, so they can find the route as well, which is particularly helpful if several people are going to an unknown location.

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Holidays and Traffic

With Google Maps, you can plan your whole holiday beforehand and plan routes in any country in the world. Many tourists use Google Maps to get around town and discover new cities. Whereas in the past you would need to buy several paper maps, one for each city or country. If you are travelling by car, Google Maps can update you about traffic, allowing you to avoid hard-hit areas. It also indicates road works and closures, so you can plan an alternative route. You can check the weather conditions and even access nearby webcams. All these tools are incredibly useful. Not only will you never lose your way, but you will get to your location in the shortest possible time.

More Useful Information

With Google Maps, you can search for a place to eat, a hotel or hostel, and get a general rating of the place beforehand. There is generally a link to the website, and you can check the establishment out in detail before committing and deciding on it. There are some internal maps of famous museums, airports, and places of interest which will come in handy when travelling abroad. For long journeys, Google Maps serves up airline and train information, ticket prices, and carriers serving your destination. Google Maps has clear road layouts, geographical features, restaurant reviews, ease of use, and satellite images, and has become an indispensable tool that will help you never to get lost again!