Instagram has always been about connecting with friends by posting and commenting on photos uploaded onto the platform. In recent months Instagram has morphed into a powerful tool to create a business as well as finding fame and notoriety. Mobile advertising revenue for Instagram in 2018 reached 6.8 billion US Dollars. That represents an incredible climb in revenue from 1.8 billion two years previously. Instagram has the power to transform a nobody into somebody. Instagram has become a significant influencer, with the capability of reaching the masses and promoting your own brand. Mastering Instagram isn’t easy; however, this guide will set you on your way to be a successful instagram influencer in Malta!

1 – Choose a catchy Instagram name that’s easily recognisable

First off, you should carefully consider what type of content you want to share. The name you choose should be related to the content, even if abstractly. Your Instagram name should embody the theme and your personality. It is an effective way to attract similarly minded individuals to follow you. You can make use of underscores, other symbols and they often serve to give the name a unique identity, or more comfortable to read. Try not to overdo it with symbols, keeping them to a minimum.

2 – Use an original and arty profile photo

Your profile photo is one of the primary things people will see, so make it a good one, and use something arty and original that will really catch the eye. Try and be a bit creative, and using a photo rather than an object helps people put a face to your name. A few personal photos will help show the world you are human, so you shouldn’t mind being a little personal if you want to become famous on Instagram.

selfie with smartphone

3 – Select a relevant, cool theme

Aim to keep your overall theme relevant to your personal hobbies, interests, and desired aesthetic. A uniform theme makes it easier for people to relate to you, which means its more likely for them to engage with you. When you add photos or videos, be sure to add relevant captions. If you are into football, then your content should reflect that with the images and videos you upload. Take creative photos and post them regularly, and your theme should also be related.

4 – Find and develop a niche

Try and share something nobody else is doing to develop a niche. Keeping your posts unique will ensure your followers stick around for long, as your content won’t be available elsewhere. Be aware that a niche soon becomes a wide gap, so you will have to evolve and improve as you go along to retain your following.

5 – Learn how to use Instagram filters

You can make a good impression by taking different types of photos and use Instagram filters. There are many alternative ways you can filter your photos by dimming the lighting or increasing the depth of specific colours. You can preview your photos using the available filters before settling on the best one. Uniform colours and effects help to develop an aesthetic. However, if you overdo it, your profile will look tacky.

6 – Take many photos, post only the best

Take many photos as you are unlikely to get the perfect shot first time around. You can always delete the excessive ones when you choose the best ones to share, so you won’t use up too much memory space on your phone. Make sure you only post the best, and most creative ones more likely to keep your followers engaged. Practice makes perfect with Instagram photos, just as with traditional photography. You will slowly get used to the system and experiment with new things.

photo for instagram

7 – Ongoing story

You can use your Instagram account to create an engaging and exciting story that keeps people interested in creative and original content that is honest and genuine. You can add on cliffhangers to your Instagram photos, generating interest and keeping fans coming back for more. You might want to document your travelling adventures, uploading photos of new places you visit. Or you may prefer to create a countdown to an important event. Once your technique starts to improve, stick to quality, rather than quantity. It is far more effective to share an exceptional individual photo instead of several mediocre ones.

8 – Use hashtags to find your content

Pay careful attention to whatever is currently trending and use related hashtags on your photos. Instagram users typically search for hashtags to help them find new users to follow. If you use the right ones, people looking for your sort of content will be able to find you easier.

Last Words

As with so many other things, patience is crucial. Success doesn’t come overnight. However, if you are consistent with your quality and use all the tools Instagram provides, you can build a following. Offering unique content is the cornerstone to online success, whether Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram, which is the fastest growing social media platform with immense opportunities and possibilities. Your mobile phone is your primary tool, so use the best one you can afford, and you are on your way to becoming famous on Instagram in Malta!