Is your phone’s microphone affected by debris, hindering your recording and call quality? Regularly cleaning your mobile phone, especially the microphone, is crucial for optimal performance. If you’re unsure about cleaning it properly without causing damage, fear not! This blog post provides step-by-step instructions on cleaning your phone’s microphone to enhance sound quality. Discover effective ways to improve your phone’s sound performance right here.

Use a toothpick

Insert the tip of the toothpick into the microphone hole. Twist it around and scrape any debris that may be lodged in the microphone hole. Ensure that you don’t push the toothpick too far inside the hole as this may cause more damage than the actual debris. Apply minimal pressure so as not to puncture the microphone.

Use a toothbrush or paintbrush

Opt for a super-soft bristled toothbrush if you’re wary of using a toothpick. Brush the microphone hole to sweep away any dirt that may have found its way into the microphone hole. Use a fine, watercolour paintbrush if you don’t have a soft-bristled toothbrush close at hand.

Use compressed air

Cleaning products that utilise compressed air make for useful electronics cleaning tools. Make sure that you don’t blow the compressed air directly into the microphone hole as this can cause irreversible damage. Blast the air from around 50cm away, at an angle parallel to your phone.

Use an electronics cleaning putty

Purchase an electronics cleaning putty from your local electronics store or online. Press the putty into your microphone hole for a few seconds before lifting it. Repeat this procedure for three or four times to ensure that your microphone speaker is as clean as it can be. You can always opt for a DIY approach and make your very own cleaning putty. All you need is 340ml of warm water, 142ml of standard glue and 32g of borax (sodium borate).

Use a paper cup to dissolve the borate in 227ml of warm water. In a separate cup, mix the glue and the remaining ml of water. Add the former mixture to the latter, and stir until the whole mixture sets. Knead the resultant mixture for around 5 minutes until it forms a gooey ball. Voila! You’ve created your very own cleaning putty!

Other ways to improve audio quality

If your microphone still isn’t in tip-top shape after implementing one of the cleaning methods outlined above, you may need to look at an alternative way of improving audio.

First and foremost, try removing your phone case. If your phone case doesn’t fit your phone properly or is trapping a lot of dirt, it may be the primary cause of unnecessary audio issues. Furthermore, if you own an Android phone, you can use third-party apps such as Microphone Amplifier to improve your microphone’s quality. This app acts as a hidden audio setting that amplifies your microphone’s recording volume.

If neither of these methods works, your phone may require professional attention. Contact us now on +356 21381666 for speedy mobile phone repairs.