Nowadays, our smartphone is not just any another accessory or gadget. It’s also an extension of our lives and our chosen lifestyle.

A smartphone enables us to keep track of everything, transforming this technological device into one of the most important things in our lives. Unfortunately, our phone is also one of the dirtiest things that we own. Carrying it everywhere is handy, but it also comes with the downside of coming into contact with literally everything – resulting in decreased performance and a shorter device lifespan.


Therefore, cleaning your smartphone should become part of your weekly agenda. Particular attention should be given to your smartphone speakers when cleaning your smartphone. A quick clean ensures that your smartphone’s speakers are not being clogged up by debris, which could eventually lead to reduced sound quality. 


Interested in learning how to clean your smartphone’s speakers properly? Keep reading!


Option 1: Using a toothpick to clean your smartphone speakers


A pointed object, such as a wooden or plastic toothpick, is an excellent way of getting rid of any excess debris stuck in the speaker holes. Insert the tip of the toothpick into the speaker holes. Tilt the toothpick, apply pressure, and scrape any dust caught inside the speaker holes. Caution: Be gentle so as not to ruin your speakers.


Option 2: Using painter’s masking tape


Investing in good-quality painter’s masking tape can go a long way when it comes to cleaning your smartphone speakers properly and increasing their lifetime. Cut a small piece of masking tape and use the sticky side to lift any dirt lodged in the speaker holes. You can also use the masking tape instead of the wooden toothpick if you prefer Option 1. Simply roll a small piece of tape to form a toothpick-like structure, and follow the instructions outlined in the previous paragraph. 


Option 3: Using a soft brush


A small paintbrush is ideal when it comes to getting rid of dirt without damaging your smartphone speakers. Choose a size 00000 paintbrush with soft bristles for more control and precision. Else, use any paintbrush you may have at home by merely trimming the bristles down to the speaker hole’s size. 


Clean the smartphone speakers by inserting the brush’s tip into the speaker hole and gently brushing it against the speaker hole walls.


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