Do you remember those days when you left your wallet at home and awkwardly asked your friends to cover your bill at a bar or restaurant? We’ve all been there – and that dreaded feeling has left us with a constant reminder that we absolutely need to make sure we’re funded for our outdoor adventures, but as technology improves and our dependence on our smartphones becomes a must, finding ourselves in these penniless situations could change forever.

Mobile Pay is set to revolutionise the way we settle payments, both online and in person – and it couldn’t be more convenient. With mobile wallets and pay by phone options finding their way to our smartphone homepages, a simple click of a button could solve any embarrassing situations at the till.

How does mobile pay work?

Technically it’s quite complex, with verification checks, KYC checks and AML checks hitting multiple stages of the process, developers working on apps such as Venmo, Xoom and Square Cash have quite the task cut out for them. As users though, our use of such apps is as simple as a click of a button – once registration processes and the addition of funds into our accounts has been set up correctly that is.

Money transfers are usually activated by entering a mobile phone number into the operating system of your app of choice. The numbers you add are relative to the users on the platform, so prior registration of the beneficiary’s number is needed. Funds are more often than not instantly transferred into the account of your chosen beneficiary while the same amount is deducted from the sender’s allotted credit or debit card.

There are instances where fees occur, so keep and eye out for those pesky transaction percentages before you hit the send button. Generally such fees can be eliminated if you keep within the spending budget for every particular mobile pay app used.

How can I pay with my mobile phone?

Understanding how payments take place across platforms might not be on your top priority list, but learning how to effect payment by means of your smartphone is of course the crux of the matter. Here’s how to get the job done when you come to pay at an outlet:

  1. Add your card details to your payment-enabled smartphone. You might need to wait for verification before you start using certain apps.
  2. Look out for contactless symbols at your vendor’s till; generally EPOS machines are equipped with contactless payment methods. You will be using the same system as a Contactless Card.
  3. Hover your phone over the EPOS machine and follow your phone’s instructions on how to complete a transaction. Face ID can generally be set up for swift transactions.
  4. You will then notice that your balance on your app has been reduced, signifying that the payment was successful. You can also set up notifications to keep track of your spending with instant messages delivered to your registered device.

Which mobile pay app should I choose?

While the choices for mobile payment apps are endless, finding the right usability to suit your needs might take some experimentation. It would be wise not to commit yourself to an app before you understand the requirements of the mobile pay application and confirm that it works seamlessly in your country of residence.

Some of the best apps being used in Malta include:

  1. Samsung Pay for Samsung users
  2. Apple Pay for iPhone users
  3. Google Pay for both Apple and Android users
  4. Revolut for both Apple and Android Users

Each of these apps can be added to your digital wallet for easy access and constant connectivity. Local banks are also developing their own Mobile Pay systems that link directly to your smartphone and connect to your active bank accounts.

If you haven’t started using mobile payments as your go-to payment method, the currency COVID-19 worries could motivate you to find the best app for you. This contactless method payment system is not only convenient and easy to use but it also keeps you safe, avoiding unnecessary contact with those people outside your bubble.


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