Do you recall cameras at all, say like the point and shoot ones? Hopefully some of you still do, since we have become so comfortable snapping away with our smartphones, that we rarely develop, or rather print the actual photos taken.

That`s the way it is now, we upload photos on social platforms, while in the good old days one had to develop those photos to appreciate (or boast about) them in an album.

What if a cluster of users still need to print some photos as a physical memory to cherish, share and show, maybe even in a nice frame hanging over the fireplace in their home? Or maybe for work purposes, hobby or for any other reason really. What if these consumers happen to be also Apple iPhone iOS users? Does it become restricted or complicated to do?

The simple answer is – not at all! Even in this modern age, you as an Apple aficionado can still print photos/images from your iPhone, not only that, but text messages, emails, webpages and more!

Let`s see how.

A word about AirPrint

Simply put, AirPrint is an Apple technology built into most popular printer models, which assists in printing full-quality output without the need to install or download drivers, apps or software.

This technology makes printing of full-quality photos and documents easy from your Mac, iPhone or iPad.

Easy discovery, automatic media selection and enterprise-class finishing options are among those features included in AirPrint.

Some printers don`t support AirPrint but have turnarounds like apps. Also, if no Wi-Fi network is available, there are printers which support Bluetooth, so that could be an alternative to print from your iPhone.

Printing from your iPhone to a Printer

Okay, so you have a couple of photos you wish to print, but it could be even a web page or a document.

Follow these stress-free steps:

Open the content you want to print on your iPhone

Tap the Share button – looks like an arrow pointing up out of a box, it can be found at the bottom of your screen on Safari, or in the address bar on Chrome.

Scroll down and click on Print – option is situated at the bottom of your screen.

Select printer you want to use – this may be selected by tapping on Printer at the top of your screen. If you don`t see your printer in the list, make sure it`s on and discoverable by your devices.

Choose your print options – again, at the top of your screen choose how many copies you want to print, if you need them in black and white or in colour, the print size, paper size and more. You can scroll through the uploaded images ready to be printed as shown at the bottom. System lets you to click on an individual image to start with that page, skip it or stop printing after that page.

Ultimately, tap on Print – option is at the top-right corner of your display.

It is good to note that not all apps permit this feature, so if you don`t see a print button or icon, it would mean that specific app doesn`t allow printing via iPhone. A turnaround to this would be to take a screen shot of what you wish to print, then print that screen shot from your gallery, and here`s how to do that.

Printing Photos from your iPhone

Similar to the previous procedure, but here we will be printing one or several images directly from your iPhone.

Go to Photos app and select the ones you need printed, but let`s break it down even more effortlessly for you.

Open the Photo app and select a picture or more you want to print from your iPhone – by tapping Photos>All Photos at the bottom of your display , or you can also click on the Select button in the top-right corner and choose several images at once.

Then tap on the Share button at the bottom of your screen – as aforementioned, this is the button that looks like an arrow pointing up out of a box, situated in the bottom-left corner of your display.

Scroll down and click on Print – this option is near the bottom of your display.

Select the printer you will be using – by tapping printer at the top of your screen and choosing from there.

Print Options – choose how many copies you wish to print, if black and white or in colour, print size, paper size and more.

Finish off by clicking on Print – option is at the top-right corner of your display.

What if I need to Print Text Messages?

For this, you would need to take a screen shot of the text message or conversation you want to print, then open the Photos app and select the image.


  • Tap the Share icon
  • Scroll down and click on Print
  • Select your printer
  • Choose your settings
  • Tap print

Printing an Email from your iPhone

For emails, open the message and tap the reply button, scroll down and tap print. One can also print any attachment present on an email by opening it and clicking on the Share icon.

Steps may seem similar but look closely:

  • Open Mail app on iPhone
  • Click on Reply button
  • Scroll down and tap on Print
  • Select printer and choose settings (paper size, colour, etc.)
  • Tap on Print

Hot Take & Closure

We presume that by now you got the gist of these steps.

Keep in mind that before you print from your iPhone, you need to check that your printer supports AirPrint, while both your iPhone and printer must be on the same Wi-Fi network and within range.

Supported printers can be found by a simple internet search, there are a lot to choose from really, so much that we couldn`t list them all here as the list would be endless.

Trust you found this article convenient, you can now start printing and why not, compiling an album again.