Apple loyalists will recall the time when specific apps were needed to record their screen, well, as from iOS 11 software onwards not anymore. Following system enhancements the aforementioned apps need not be utilised, instead they have been superseded by a much easier innate approach.

iPhone users who need screen recording for any reason whatsoever, say to show their legendary Fortnite win to family and friends, need not to fret, but simply follow and process few taps on their smartphone.

In fact, those at The Ring, Cupertino headquarters, embedded a native more straight forward built-in feature on the iPhone to manage screen recording, and for anyone who just needs basic functionality this should suffice.

Let`s discover how to record your iPhone screen in few easy steps.

Setting Up Screen Recording

We said it will be easy, and it is promise, but you still need to make Screen Recording setting available in the Control Centre first.

Do not worry, there is no rocket science involved, just access the following:

  • Settings
  • Control Centre
  • Scroll down to More controls section
  • Tap on the green plus icon near Screen Recording

A Screen Record icon should now feature in your Control Centre, which you can access by swiping up from the bottom of your display, or swiping down from the top right edge if your iPhone doesn`t have a home button like the latest iPhone 14.

Recording your Screen

Now, going forward, screen recording can be done in a jiffy, once we have our Screen Record icon set as per above.

Apple intended to make this process easier, and by following the below steps, you too will tend to concur.

  • Open Control Centre
  • Tap the Screen Record icon

That easy! Much better than utilising third party apps, no? Be aware that once you hit the screen record to kick start recording your present display, you have around three seconds before your phone starts recording, to clear any extra items you don`t want to show in your recording, for example closing the Control Centre to start with.

You will notice a red bar at the top of your screen letting you know that you are recording.

When you are satisfied with your recording, the easiest method to stop the procedure is to tap on the red timer at the top of your screen. The recorded video will then be found in Photos plus also appearing in your notification centre. The latter you can click on it as an easy access to check out your recording in the Photos app.

Alternatively, to stop the screen recording, you can also go to the Control Centre and tap on the screen record icon to stop the recording, but obviously this process will show in your recording (since you are recording whatever features on your screen), thus afterwards you will need to edit the video.

Adding/Omitting Audio

Depending on what you plan to screen record, you can either add audio to it by utilising your iPhone`s microphone, like in the case of a voiceover video, or on the contrary, if you want to avoid that any surrounding noise is captured in your screen recording, you can omit audio. Let`s see how.

If you want to Add Audio, follow these steps:

  • Tap the Screen Record icon with extra pressure (3D Touch) to enable more options
  • In the middle of the screen, a pop-up menu will appear
  • Tap the Microphone Audio icon
  • Then tap Start recording button to get going with audio

It goes without saying, that since now you have the know-how of this procedure, you have already noticed that the mic can be silenced on the same pop-up menu aforementioned.

So, it is up to you to include audio, or otherwise, together with your iPhone`s screen recording.

Editing a Screen Recording

Let`s say that your screen recording is too long for your taste, or annoying notifications popped up during the recording disrupting it, or maybe even the control centre was showing, you will want to edit your recorded video.

The screen recorded video will automatically be saved to your iPhone`s Photos app, as we mentioned earlier in the article, you can access this even via the message `Screen recording video saved to Photos` in the notification bar.

Editing a screen recording video, is just like editing any other video in the Photos app really.

As soon as you open your recorded video:

  • Tap on Edit situated in the top right-hand corner
  • Below the screen recording a slider bar will appear
  • Toggle bars at both slider`s ends will allow you to edit frame by frame
  • Simply drag the toggle bars to make modifications at the beginning or end of your screen recording
  • Once you are satisfied with your editing, tap Done

Do not forget to save your work! Tap `Save as new clip` before leaving the editing screen.

Sharing your Screen Recording

Satisfied with your final product, you wish to share and boast about it (especially if it is a great game win) with your friends or family.

Go to your edited and saved file, tap on Share button with the upward-pointing arrow to email the clip, send it on a messaging app or upload it in various ways depending what method you want to choose.

Third-Party Apps

We left this for last, but good to mention that if Apple`s in-built screen recording is still not doing enough to satisfy your needs, you can always opt for third party apps available in the App Store. We mention some popular ones below for ease of reference, you`re most welcome:

  • Go Record: Screen Recorder
  • ApowerREC: Record Screen
  • Screen Recorder, Screen Capture

These could offer some additional functionalities, since admittedly Apple`s screen recording features are pretty basic.

Wrapping Up

Trust this info was of good assistance.

As you might appreciate, at the end of the day Apple`s way of recording your iPhone screen is quite stress-free, all it takes is a couple of simple direct taps.