This one is niched down to Samsung users, although it should work on various Android gadgets.

Experiencing issues with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or network on your Samsung device? Don`t despair, avoid rooting, and solve it by giving your network settings a reset instead.

Read on as we delve into why this technique is the preferred option, and how it comes handy to assist in such cases. Rest assured that by following these simple instructions you will be smiling again in no time. 

Why do we need to Tamper with the Network Settings?

As aforementioned, a Samsung user will notice that the network isn`t working as it should. Signal is either weak or non-existent, Bluetooth won`t pair with any other device, or even Wi-Fi won`t connect as usual.

Some users would opt to restart their gadget, but it could not be enough as a solution. Instead, we learned the right way from Samsung engineers who cascaded the magical formula.

Thus, resetting the network settings is a proven method that will resolve these type of hitches once and for all.

So, What Happens when you Reset your Network Settings?

Once you reset the network settings, Android will erase all your saved Wi-Fi networks, removes paired Bluetooth devices and deletes other network configurations.

The system will re-load, and in the process it loses any saved Wi-Fi passwords, network configurations and pre-paired BT devices.

Samsung user must now set up network features, pair Bluetooth devices and reconnect to any Wi-Fi signals available.

..But, wait, is it Safe to Reset Network Settings?

By resetting your network settings you will only be affecting your device`s connections, like Wi-Fi, mobile data and Bluetooth. You will not lose any personal and/or app data, so yes it is a safe option.

In fact it is a widespread and generally risk-free way of fixing many issues on numerous devices, but here we`re sticking specifically to Samsung models.

Convinced? Ok, let`s Reset those Network Settings!

So, you`re frustrated with a stuck Samsung device, it won`t connect to any network/Wi-Fi or pair with say your headset as it used to.

This article got you intrigued, you plucked up some courage and you`re ready to give it a go? Good, we`re glad to hear that, happy to help.

Just follow these easy, quick and straight-forward steps to resolve the matter at hand:

  • Launch Settings
  • Scroll down and select General Management
  • In the General Management menu tap on Reset
  • On the Reset page choose Reset Network Settings

At this point your device will prompt a list of those items which will be affected and erased by the reset, namely:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Mobile Data (Cellular Data)
  • Bluetooth

On the same page below the above-mentioned list, you will notice a Reset Settings button. Click on it, and system will advise that “All network settings will be reset. This action can`t be undone”, while another Reset button features below this message. Click on it again to confirm that you`ll proceed with the resetting of your network settings.

That`s it! Your device will now begin to bring your network settings back to their defaults, and you`ll see a success message when the process is complete.

As advised, you will then need to set-up your mobile data connection, link to any Wi-Fi signal available as long as you know the password and pair Bluetooth with the preferred devices of your choice.

While we`re at it, a quick suggestion, hot tip: Beware or stay away from any random open public Wi-Fi if you can, like in public squares, restaurants, pubs or cafeterias, as it can hold unwanted risks like hacking or viruses. Try to stick with a Wi-Fi you`re familiar with, ideally locked with a password. If you are often on the move, you can either opt for a contract with your supplier, which will hold unlimited data usage, or keep a mobile Wi-Fi dongle in your pocket/bag. 

Alternative Methods to Avoid Reset Network Settings

Okay, so maybe you forgot your Wi-Fi password, or need to know any alternatives other than having to reset your network settings.

Sure, we`re here to accommodate, here you go.

Keep in mind that these techniques are verified to work on Samsung models or series S20/S21/S22, but you can always try them out nevertheless:

Perform a Force Restart

  • Turn off and on Airplane Mode
  • Unplug and re-plug the router and modem
  • Check if the internet is working on any other device
  • Perform a Software update on your Samsung S20/S21/S22
  • Contact your network provider

The purpose of this article isn`t to explore all of the above options in detail, but you can always research about them, while we had also covered a couple of these in other separate write-ups, feel free to check them out.

Last but not least we can also mention that there is also the Factory Reset option, but we would leave that as a last resort, as it is a radical choice which will erase all of your device data, you will have carte blanche, as if you are setting everything anew, like when you unboxed your beloved Samsung on day one.

Well, hope that you didn`t read this part of the article a tad too late…

Wrapping It Up

We explored the best way and other alternative ways to get around these type of problems if and when they pop up. Nevertheless, you can rest assured that Reset Network Settings method is risk-free and very effective, being the number one problem-solver for such situations.

This easy process comes as a peace of mind for all Samsung users who face issues with their network connections, as by resetting your network settings it will refresh the system. Give it a try, since if you`re faced with this problematic situation, well, you have nothing to lose really, as long as you don`t opt for Factory Reset that is…

Issues resolved then! You`re welcome. You can get back to productivity dear Samsung heavy user, or was that TikTok? Oh well.