Getting blocked by someone is no fun. Unfortunately, there’s no definitive way to determine whether your number has been blocked. However, there are a couple of trial and errors methods that you can use to guess whether someone has blocked you or not. If you’re interested in learning more about these methods, keep reading.

Plan A: Check whether a single ring sends you to voicemail

You don’t receive a notification every time someone blocks you. However, you can typically realize that this has happened because you get to voicemail really quicklyWith an unblocked number, you sometimes have to wait for a dozen rings before you get to the individual’s voicemail message. If you’re blocked, you’re immediately re-directed to voicemail. You can leave a voicemail, but this is sent to a separate location reserved for blocked numbers. Another clue is getting a pre-recorded message saying that that particular number is unavailable, even if it isn’t.

Plan B: Send an SMS

If you get to voicemail after one ring, you’ve probably been blocked. However, you can double-check whether this is true or not by sending an SMS. If you’re using an iPhone, you usually get a notification every time you send an SMS to notify you whether your message has been delivered and read. If you’ve been blocked by the recipient, you won’t get these notifications. Instead, you’ll see a blank space beneath your text.

If you or your recipient are using an Android phone, there’s no straightforward way of using SMS to detect whether your number has been blocked.

Plan C: Use another phone to call that individual

It may come across as stalkerish – however, if you really need to contact an individual who has blocked your number, you may need to go about it the old-fashioned way. By that, we mean calling them from your friend’s phone…and seeing how things pan out.

Other methods of communication

While you really can’t do much if someone has decided to block your number, there are various other ways to contact that individual. You can turn off your caller ID information on outgoing calls. You can also contact them using social media and call them via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram or Signal. If all of these methods fail, that individual clearly doesn’t want to communicate with you. Therefore, it’s best to let them be and move on.


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