So you’ve finally made the switch? Welcome to the club, fellow Apple users.

Switching over from Android to Apple can have quite a drastic effect on those who are more accustomed to the ways of Samsung, Huawei and OnePlus, with iPhone being the only smartphone to use iOS, there will be a few things you will need to get used to… but first things first… how to transfer data from your old Android to your new iPhone?

While this may seem as a big worry in getting all set up, there are some great ways of transferring your data without altering format, damaging quality or losing any data in the process. Migrating all your data is a safe and easy step in making the move to Apple technology, all you have to do is follow one of the steps below to access all your old files on your new iPhone.

How to transfer data from Android to iPhone in just one click

MobileTrans – Phone Transfer is the easiest way to get the job done and it takes roughly 10 minutes to transfer all your images, files and data, including contacts, from your old Android to your new iPhone.

Step 1: Download MobileTrans onto your Android device and connect your Android to your new iPhone with a USB cable.

You can even transfer all data from your computer, by attaching both phones with their respective USB cable. Make sure both smartphones are detected by your computer.

Step 2: Click phone transfer on the main window and select the data you wish to transfer to your new iPhone.

Make sure that you are sending your information to the right device, i.e. from Android to Apple.

Step 3: Wait for the transfer to take place, this should not last longer than 10 minutes, but be patient; you probably have a lot of data to move.

Make sure not to disconnect your phones during this process. This could damage data, stall the process and even lose information.

MobileTrans is a great tool to ensure that all your data is safely stored and transferred from one smartphone to another. If you want to create some backup of your data, but do not have a second smartphone; you can easily use MobileTrans to send all your data to your computer. All the backed up data can easily be transferred to your new iPhone once you have it in hand.

MobileTrans offers fast transfer from Android to iPhone for a minimal cost of  $30 – $40. There is a free method you can choose, but it does take a little bit longer.

Whether you’re looking to transfer contacts, apps, music or other files, your Android is always equipped with an Import function in the Systems setup.

When you enter the Systems Settings (for every respective section i.e. Contacts, Music etc.), you will be able to transfer data to and from other devices. Using iTunes as your transfer app on your new iPhone will facilitate all movement and make sure that all your data travels safely and securely.

Moving all your data from your old Android to your new iPhone is only the start of your journey with Apple.