How to Turn your Smartphone into a WiFi Router

Keeping connected is our number one priority in this modern day and age – we can’t lose connection whether it’s for entertainment or for work; that 4G connection could very well be classed as our best friend!

Have you ever been busy working in a café, happily working off their WiFi connection, but find yourself logged out randomly? This level of unreliability does not quite allow you to get your work done in an efficient and timely manner does it? Why not hop onto your smartphone’s personal hotspot to get a great connection without any interruptions?

Nearly all Android devices and Apple technology are equipped with 3G or 4G technology that can be used as a remote network access that connects to other devices. Turning your phone into a WiFi hotspot or WiFi router is an easy way of staying connected whenever your surrounding WiFi fails. Here’s how you can do it:

Setting up your wireless network on Android and Apple

Step 1

For Android smartphones, enter your Settings App on your smartphone and select the “Wireless & Networks” label on your smartphone. Choose the “Tethering & Portable Hotspot” option and enter the “Portable WiFi hotspot settings”.

For Apple smartphones, once you enter the Settings app, all you’ll need to do is click on “Personal Hotspot” and follow the following steps.

Step 2

The next step is to enter the “Configure WiFi hotspot”. Type your choice of Network name in the SSID section.

Step 3

You now need to choose a security type by either allowing open access to various users or limiting it to users you allow to make use of your hotspot. It is highly recommended to set a WPA2 security code that you can choose to share with others or keep for yourself.

Step 4

Your next step is simple, simply turn on your Personal WiFi router whenever you need it for excellent connectivity and no interruptions.

Remember that using your smartphone’s WiFi router for frequent connectivity and use on other devices might result in additional costs. Be sure to check your data plan and turn off your personal hotspot when not in use.


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