Calling all Apple loyalists. Do you want to save on your battery, or silence your iPhone notifications and calls during that upcoming important meeting? Well, Sleep Mode can help. Let`s check out how to utilise this handy feature, as we go through the motions below.

Apple`s iOS (operating system) enables you to customise Sleep Schedule on the iPhone`s Health app, with the amount of sleep you want to get each night, plus your standard sleep and wake up goals. That`s why Sleep Mode is all about you, not your iPhone.

So How Can I Put My iPhone Into Sleep Mode?

Based on the schedule you set up on your iPhone, the Sleep Mode is designed to activate automatically. However, when you set it up you can choose a different sleep period for each day of the week. When that particular phase of the day is due, the iPhone will enter Sleep Mode.

Here`s how in 10 easy steps:

  1. open Health app on your iPhone and choose Browse in the bottom right corner
  2. click Sleep, scroll down, and choose Get Started
  3. click Next, and tap + or – to set your sleep goals, then Next again
  4. choose the days and time period you want
  5. scroll down, choose alarm options
  6. click on Add when the settings are to your satisfaction
  7. click Next (choose Add Schedule and return to step 3 if you wish to set a different bedtime for different days of the week)
  8. choose Enable Sleep Screen, then tap + or – to set your wind down period
  9. click on Enable Wind Down (if you want to retain full functionality of your iPhone until bedtime, tap Skip instead)
  10. tap Done

Now, your iPhone will automatically enter Sleep Mode according to what you have set.
If you want to add relaxing apps to your lock screen, click on Set Up Shortcuts, otherwise Skip that part.

Kindly note that both the wake up alarm and snooze are both active by default.

How To Set Up Sleep Mode Manually?

Sleep Mode function is designed to switch on when you`re asleep, but sometimes we don`t always manage to get the sleep we wish for. So, if you prefer to set Sleep Mode manually, you can do so from the Control Center.

Here`s how in (don`t worry this time it`s shorter) just 4 steps:

  1. open Control Center on your iPhone
  2. long press Focus
  3. click Sleep
  4. your iPhone will enter Sleep Mode


Re point 1:

For iPhone X or newer, swipe down from the top right of the screen to open the Control Center. If you hold an iPhone 8 or earlier versions, an iPhone SE or even an Apple Watch, swipe from the bottom.

Re point 2:

If you see a bed icon in the Control Center, then you hold an older version of iOS, click that instead.

How To Turn Off Sleep Mode On An iPhone

An active Sleep Mode can be switched off by accessing the Control Center, either on the iPhone or Watch. Here`s how:

  1. Open Health app
  2. Browse
  3. Sleep
  4. Full Schedule
  5. Options

Click on the switch next to Sleep Schedule to turn it off.

How Can I Change Sleep Mode On An iPhone?

To amend or change a Sleep Mode schedule which is already set, follow these steps:

  1. Open Health app
  2. Browse
  3. Sleep
  4. Full Schedule
  5. Options

Here you can set a new sleep goal, and wind-down time.

If you want to change just the schedule, tap on Edit and Full Schedule, then choose your preferred different days and times. 

Can I Use My Apple Watch To Put My iPhone To Sleep Mode?

Sleep Mode can be switched on or off directly from your Apple Watch, especially if you wear it to bed, stands to reason.

Here`s how you do that, again in 4 easy steps:

  1. open Control Center on your Watch
  2. click on Focus
  3. then Sleep
  4. your iPhone will enter Sleep Mode


Re point 2:

If you see a bed icon in the Control Center, then you hold an older version of watchOS, click that instead.

What Is The Difference Between Do Not Disturb And Sleep Mode?

Both options above fall under the Focus options, which on iOS allow you to change the way your iPhone behaves, depending on the activities you are engaged in. Just a mention, the other option under Focus is Work, and you can also create your custom options, but that`s a subject for another time.

Do Not Disturb and Sleep Mode are similar in their actions, as when enabled they both prevent calls and notifications from bothering you. The difference stands with Sleep Mode as it dims your display and lock screen, while preventing notifications from popping up on your screen. However, short cuts to specific apps can still be included on the lock screen when Sleep Mode is active. 


Sleep Mode can really be useful if applied correctly, allowing us to have a break from our iPhone, or get that much deserved rest, while also contributing in finding our optimal work-life balance. Notifications can wait.

Trust that this article was of assistance, you are welcome.