Repairing your iPhone is as common as taking your car to the mechanic. There are so many things that go wrong, and when you least expect it, your iPhone can die on you. The iPhone is a complex mini-computer with intricate workings and mechanics. Not everyone is capable of repairing it properly, and taking it to an amateur can ruin it forever! Phone Box is a natural choice where you are safe in the knowledge that your extensive iPhone is in good hands with top-notch, qualified professionals working on it.

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What can go wrong?

If your screen gets damaged, scratched or even smashed, it may need replacing. Possibly the LCD is not working. Your battery could be faulty, or the housing may have got scratched or dented. Your earphone socket or charger dock may have got damaged. Perhaps your Lightning Port needs to be replaced.

What about the parts and repair process?

If you repair your iPhone, you want to ensure all the parts are original and high quality. You want speed; you don’t want to wait for weeks without a phone. You may need a free replacement phone until your iPhone can be repaired, which is generally within a couple of days. You will have the phone checked beforehand, so if a costly replacement part is needed, you are informed immediately before proceeding with the repair. You get all this, and more at Phone Box, your one-stop iPhone repair shop in Malta. Repairs are done as quickly as possible without ever compromising quality. You will never have to wait long till your restored iPhone is safe, back in your hands. Since we fully understand your frustration of having to wait for a repair, at Phone Box, our unique service makes it so easy and straightforward to repair your iPhone, and don’t forget we provide you with a replacement model while you wait.

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Keeping Connected

iPhones are undoubtedly a net gain, and you can’t afford to be without one. They can help you do absolutely anything these days, from navigating around town to controlling your smart home. You use it for essential everyday tasks, not just to make a phone call! It keeps you connected the world around you, and is more than a phone. The iPhone is a complicated device, and like everything else, it is subject to glitches and hiccups. Smartphones are generally divided into two categories, Apple and Android. Each has proprietary hardware, and while each smartphone brand has its unique list of advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of iPhone Repairs

While Andriod and iPhone are equally popular, here we will deal with iPhone repairs. First of all, you need to check the basics like bettering your reception, rebooting your phone, and learning what’s the best thing to do if you drop your iPhone in water. You may not need to repair your iPhone once you check the basics. Nevertheless, you may still need to repair your iPhone. The workshop the latest diagnostic equipment to check your iPhone and with tools and expertise to repair most iPhone models. With a commitment to provide the cheapest and easiest way to repair your iPhone, at Phone Box, you get service all the way.

What to do before taking your iPhone for repairs

You can additionally unlock your new phone if it is on the wrong network, or for use abroad. You can check the following points before bringing in your iPhone for repairs. If your iPhone doesn’t switch on or isn’t responding, try backing up your iOS device. Keep your Apple ID password handy. You may need it to erase your device and turn off the Find My iPhone function. If you have a sales receipt, bring it along in case you are covered by a service agreement or Apple guarantee. Bring any accessories you need and a form of identification such as your ID card. You can also call beforehand to check about your preferred service location. Remove your SIM card, phone case, and screen protector if you have one and don’t forget to take your cable and charger