Learning how to play a musical instrument is a fun pastime that can inspire creativity, expression and an unlimited amount of happiness. Finding time to practice and attend lessons might be a little bit difficult to manage with the hectic routines that we lead in our lives. But what if a simple smartphone app could help give you the boost to learn a musical instrument?

Here is a list of the top 4 smartphone apps to learn a musical instrument available for download onto Apple and Android devices:


Yousician is a newer app that gives the learning process a very personalized experience. With Yousician, you can learn to play the piano, guitar, bass, ukulele and even train your vocal capacity.

The library here is ample, with thousands of songs to choose from you’ll never run out of music resources. Yousician acts as your personal music coach, maintaining a digital approach to your musical adventures, both acoustic and electric.

With the accurate sound detection features, Yousician is able to listen to your playing skills and point on where improvements can take place. This helps you keep on track with your process and encourages growth and perfection through daily training. You will receive new targets from experienced music tutors every week to ensure your constant improvement.

Ultimate Guitar

If you’re looking to learn how to jam to a classic rock and roll guitar solo, or even learn a bass or ukulele version of your favorite song then Ultimate Guitar could be your best bet. Ultimate Guitar is one of the internet’s leading chord, lyric and tab sources and can be accessed in the free version, viewed on their app or even as a desktop version.

Ultimate Guitar also offers a Pro version where in-detail advice on how to play a song on your preferred musical instrument can be accessed for a monthly membership fee. This app also features a handy tuner that will give you the ability to string out melodies with the right notes.

Pro Metronome App

The key to finding the right melody and rhythm when playing an instrument is your sure bet into learning an instrument to your best ability. A metronome is a musical apparatus that allows you to keep beats and follow rhythms and is an irreplaceable tool for your stumming ways.

Pro Metronome App is a great digital version of the classic instrument; it also supplies daily lessons to users to help improve dexterity for your specific instrument.

Perfect Piano

Perfect Piano is the best solution to learn how to hit those keys with accuracy and precision. Use the 88-key piano keyboard to learn new songs, perfect the ones you think you know and have some fun while doing it all.

Perfect Piano also allows you to play in dual-mode, where friends can join in and entertain you on your musical adventures.

What are you waiting for? Try out these amazing apps to help you develop your musical skills even further. Rock out in style in the comfort of your own living room; with your trusty smartphone to guide your way.