It’s a regular day in Malta, the sun is shining through the clouds, you’ve got your take-away coffee in one hand and your car key in the other. You’re off to start the day; happy to head to the office on a Monday morning; life’s not that bad. You get to the car, reach for your smartphone to connect to Spotify and… how… did… this… happen? Your smartphone’s on 15% battery life – but you just charged it! Why? What’s going on? Somebody help!

Sometimes your smartphone battery needs a visit to the clinic too

Battery life tragedies happen every day, sometimes it’s our own negligence that causes us to head out into the world without a digital companion but sometimes it’s just time, the cruel effects of time that take their toll on our smartphone batteries. A battery that refuses to hold charge is as valuable as a pen without ink and such behaviour from your trusty apparatus could taint your daily tasks to quite a troublesome degree.

Most of us use our phones for email connections, social media updates, phone calls and text messaging as well as features such as Apple Pay, step trackers, music or entertainment sources and the basic calendars and calculators – that might seem trivial to some but absolutely fundamental to others. Getting your battery fixed is top priority; especially if your device is pretty new.

smartphone battery draining fast

Here are some useful tips to keep your mobile battery’s energy alive:

  1. Turn off your location, Bluetooth and WiFi settings when you’re not using them; it’s a waste of battery energy
  2. Opt for ringtones as opposed to vibrate functions when possible, as this drains battery life quickly
  3. Monitor your usage of camera and internet when you’re experiencing battery deficiency to preserve as much as you can
  4. Give your phone a clean out – unused apps deplete battery life and take up precious storage space too
  5. Don’t let your phone battery hit 0%; lithium batteries can be damaged when they are fully depleted; they are designed to charge often for optimum usage – contrary to their prehistoric relatives
  6. Keep your phone out of the heat, if you’ve ever seen the ‘too hot’ warning on your phone this is something you need to be aware of – batteries will run a lot slower if they’re exposed to extreme heat.

But there comes a time where even the most cautious battery saver needs to throw in the towel…

Battery repairs are a real thing, there’s a reason why new batteries can be bought and replaced in your smartphone – it’s just how technology works sometimes. New devices under guarantee might be subject to free changes from their retailer but the likelihood of a battery fault occurring during guarantee period is rather far fetched, you’re going to have to find a reliable and trustworthy repair shop that will hook you up in the fastest time possible with optimum results. Hmmm, who might they be? Phone Box of course!

Mobile Phone Battery Replacement & Repair in Malta

At Phone Box, battery repairs and replacements are taken very seriously, we understand that every minute that you are away from your phone could result in a lost client, a missed Instagram update or even a spot of embarrassment when you realise that the only credit card you’ve got ‘on you’ is the digital one on your phone. Jeez! This nightmare will be sorted soon after you step into the Phone Box outlet.

The system is quite simple, the experts behind the Phonebox counter evaluate the severity of your battery’s failure and suggest a number of options for you to try out. From instant battery replacements, to booked servicing for your phone, the technicians at Phone Box will ensure your phone is kept safe, freed of its current issues and returned to you as swiftly as possible in absolute working condition.

So if you’re struggling with a malfunctioning smartphone battery; get yourself down to the nearest Phone Box outlet in Malta and get connected in no time.