If you have never tried a tablet before, you will find it offers a great alternative to the standard smartphone. Many people have both, and with an abundance of choice, it is a viable option to have a tablet as well as a smartphone. Premium models tend to be pricey upon release, yet prices are not all high, there are cheaper alternatives which are just as good. Realistically, most of us don’t need both. There are several relevant factors to consider before buying a smartphone or tablet. You will need to ask yourself what you need the device for, your budget, and what screen size do you require. The latter is, of course, the significant difference between the two.

The Difference is becoming more Blurred

New smartphone screen sizes are getting larger, and the lines between a tablet and a smartphone are continually being blurred, so choosing between them is becoming harder. If you intend to use your device for watching movies, reading long texts, or browsing the net, then a tablet offers a better and more comfortable alternative. True, all the above can be done with a smartphone, but the smaller screen is harder on the eyes, and more tiring from a visual perspective. On the other hand, smartphones are better music companions due to their smaller size and portable nature. If you value portability above functionality, then it might be better to go for a good smartphone.

Phones are also better messaging devices and for reading emails while on the move. Emails can also be managed easily on Tablets, and some messaging services can be run, yet a phone beats tablet hands down for convenience of messaging. Smartphones have high-quality cameras and are more portable, so taking photos is more straightforward with a phone, yet viewing them is better on a tablet.


Bigger & Better Screen Sizes

Tablets were invented to bridge the gap between a smartphone and a laptop. They are inherently portable notebooks built on a mobile platform operating system. Tablets have largely eclipsed laptops in recent years fulfilling that role perfectly. For smartphones, the larger the screen, the more expensive the model. However, there are added benefits like higher specs, faster processors and more extended lasting batteries. As screen sizes grow, screen resolution has become increasingly important.

Processor & Internal Storage

The processor is the other crucial factor to take into consideration. There are various single, dual and quad-core processors, and they have different RAM and GPU sizes. Internal storage is another area that affects the price or any model. Some tablets offer minimal internal storage facilities and microSD support so you will have to rely on cloud storage and WiFi. The more ‘cores’ the processor has, the faster the speed, so you should opt for the best you can afford. A higher number of cores means quicker speed, perfect if you do a lot of multi-tasking, gaming or movie watching. The internal GPU helps with graphical processing data which is prominent in most games. As a general work tool, tablets are better and allow for more accurate control of data.

Longer Battery Life for Tablets

Most tablets have a longer battery life than smartphones, and are even superior to many laptops. While some smartphones come in for criticism regarding battery life, facing the heat when it comes to delivering on the battery front, tablets seem to have batteries that last forever even when they are pushed to their absolute limits. Many apps on smartphones drain the battery, while the same can not be said of tablets.

An Actual Work Tool

Documents, spreadsheets, and presentations are more comfortable to view and edit on a tablet, which makes it a more valuable work tool. Google Sheets, Microsoft Office or Google Docs do have smartphone-only variants, but it is so much easier on a larger screen tablet. Over time, tablets have developed into an invaluable, virtual work system able to fill the role of a laptop and perform almost all its similar functions. Choosing between a tablet and smartphone is becoming harder, yet every person will have their own preference. Analysing the features of both will help you decide which to buy. Balancing between the power of the processor, the GPU and RAM, besides taking the screen resolution into consideration will ensure you make the best personal choice.


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