Cryptocurrency and the Blockchain have taken the 21st century by storm – with revolutionary methods that could provide transparency in transactions and improve the movement of funds without across accounts, tracking fraudulent behaviour as the transfer takes place.

Crypto investors are always trying to hunt down the best deals and are constantly on the alert for new trends, spikes in the market or testing out apps that promise to deliver all the cryptocurrency goals expected. Cryptocurrency comes in many forms, with Euthereum, Bitcoin and XRP as the leaders in the variety. Bitcoin reigns as the leader with an estimated worth of $128bn. So finding the best app to deliver your BTC needs is a must, if you’re trying to infiltrate the market.

What is a Bitcoin and how does it work?

Bitcoin is virtual. There’s no physical connection between its holder and its existence on the Blockchain. Just like a virtual bank account, where you spend cash and notice every recorded transaction on your smartphone – Bitcoin is sent from your digital wallet found on your smart-communication-devices to other users of the currency.

Bitcoin cash works in a very similar way to ‘regular cash’ or any currency and can be withdrawn from Bitcoin Cash ATMs, you can also insert cash into the machine to purchase Bitcoin.

Since every Bitcoin is a sort of computer file on a decentralised Blockchain, by its nature, every transaction is made public, for everyone to see. This enforces the transparency of the system.

Top 3 Bitcoin Wallet Apps to try out

While the ultimate offering of each app will deliver pretty similar results based on the exchange rate of the day, there are a few factors that could push you in the right direction. Here are the top 3 Bitcoin apps to try out:

1. Blockchain Wallet: Bitcoin

Free: Apple and Android

Blockchain Wallet is one of the best crypto apps out there. It can be downloaded onto both Apple and Android technology and used as a wallet app for your smartphone. The primary coin of use is Bitcoin and offers many features with conversions to over 20 currencies and allows for transfer of funds – send and receive.

The two-factor authentication regulates the KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) standards as required by law, is pin protected and can be accessed in 18 languages.

This free app is open source and has quite a simple User Interface (UI) making it easy to use.

2. Blockfolio – Crypto Tracker

Free: Apple and Android

This financial app is mostly used by cryptocurrency users who are already rather established in the field. Blockfolio provides a quick overview of all the cryptocurrency investments you could potentially tap into, Bitcoin is a featured crypto noted on the app and generally showcased as the most prominent due to its great standing point.

You can set reminders or warnings based on the performance of the cryptocurrencies of your choice. Identifying peak performances and optimum exchange opportunities. Available free of change on both Apple and Android – this app is for the serious Bitcoin users.

3. Coin Stats – Crypto Portfolio

Free (in-app purchases): Apple and Android

Coin Stats is the cryptocurrency portfolio that is free to start but requires in-app purchases to perform well. Its 3,000 currencies and 100 exchange opportunities make the app a great solution for businesses making use of the Blockchain, but for personal use may be too costly – reaching €4.44 per month compared to the free use apps available on the market.

You do get a number of useful features for the price, such as widgets, weekly updates, price alerts, news and other portfolio sharing capabilities. The UI and UX (User Experience) is spot on and the app runs smoothly on both Apple and Android. If you can ignore the cost, it’s a great app to use.

The App Store and Play Store are packed with endless app-possibilities to track, exchange and perform transactions related to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on the market. Finding the right app for you might take some time, but you’re sure to find some great apps that meet your needs. What Bitcoin apps do you use?