This blog’s for all the ladies out there.

Have you been ever caught off-guard by the not-so-timely-arrival of Aunt Flo?

Thankfully, technological advancements mean that there are ways and means by which you can track when your period is due so that you can prepare for it in advance (without any additional hassle and worries!). By that, we’re referring to period-tracker apps. These wonderful apps enable you to follow your cycle’s progression and keep track of mood swings, weight, water intake, body temperature and what-not.

To make your life much easier, we searched far and wide for the top 5 period-tracking apps on the market. Want to know which ones made the cut? Keep reading!

Top 5 period-tracking apps in no particular order:

Period Tracker

Period tracker is a tried-and-tested app with more than 10 Million downloads on the Google Play Store. With a rating of 4.6*, this tracker is a favourite of many around the globe. You can either install the free version or pay £8.99/year for the full version. “Love this app. I have PCOS, and so it’s hard to predict my period,” says App reviewer Lili.

Flo: Period Tracker and Ovulation Tracker

Flo is not just any period tracker app: it tracks your menstrual cycle but also helps you in identifying your body’s patterns. “This app is more than just a period tracker”, says App reviewer Jolene, “It has board-certified medical specialists that provide a tonne of great information from sexual health, diet, exercise and water intake. Just a tonne of amazing women-stuff that will enhance your life no matter what you are going through!”

Clue: Period Tracker, Ovulation, Cycle & Pregnancy

Clue prides itself in offering a fertility and pregnancy app without any annoying ads. It also provides invaluable info about your body’s patterns, with 30+ tracking options ranging from birth control pills to skin condition. The app won Healthline’s “Best Fertility App” Award and the Obstetric & Gynecology Journal’s “Top Free Period Tracker App” award this year. “This has been the best tracking app that I’ve been able to find,” says app reviewer Katie, “It’s right on target with my period predictions, and I love that I can track my PMS symptoms.”

Eve: Period Tracker – Love, Sex & Relationships App

Eve is a forward-thinking app that also offers a progressive online community that enables the user to learn more about birth control, sex, pregnancy…and all that good stuff. “I have been using this app for years! Love it! It’s like another social media platform for women!” raves Google Play reviewer Iris.

OVIA: Fertility: Ovulation & Cycle Tracker

Ovia Health created three different trackers for three categories of women: Ovia Parenting – for new parents, Ovia Pregnancy Tracker – for those who want to track the baby’s growth – and the general Ovia Fertility – which can be used as a general period tracker as well as a fertility tracker, since it’s got TTC (trying to conceive) and non-TTC-modes. App reviewer Jordyn writes, “I have tried a lot of period tracking apps, and this is by far the best one. The multiple ways that you can track symptoms is my favourite feature.”


Other worthy mentions include Cycles, Menstrual Period Tracker, Maya and Ovulation Calculator. The apps available on Android and Apple obviously vary; however, our top five are available on Apple Store and Google Play.