Travel is one of the most rewarding adventures in life. Whether we’re travelling for work or pleasure, our exposure to different cultures and lifestyles can open our minds and allow us to enjoy a more fruitful life.

Our smartphones are one of the most valuable devices we carry with us when we head overseas, but should we be aware of any must-know facts before we turn our phones off Airplane mode and onto a data-roaming platform that’s foreign to us?

Here are 4 top tips to prepare your cell phone for your next trip:

1 – Give your provider a call before you travel abroad

The first thing on your travel list before you take your phone on a trip, is to call your mobile service provider. You will need to ask them to check your available options for travel to foreign countries and ask them to activate your global roaming.

While you might already be on an international data plan, or travelling within your region scheme going on for you; there’s no harm in asking your provider how you will be charged should you follow a pay-monthly scheme or even a pay-as-you-go set up.

The last thing you want after a relaxing trip away is a hefty bill that could have been avoided.

2 – Keep that charge up when you take your phone abroad

Traveling outside your country usually means you’ll be documenting your daily habits, be in contact with your loved ones a lot more, possibly looking at Google Maps a little more than usual and snapping a tonne of photos to store your memories. Sounds like hard work… not for you but for your smartphone’s battery.

Remember to pack an international plug adapter in your luggage; there’s nothing more annoying than finding out you cannot charge your phone during your holiday. International adapters are surprisingly hard to find when you’re on a trip – and if you do find one, it’s usually on your last day of your adventure. Another great tip – pack a power bank to keep the mobile juice going wherever you are!

3 – Deactivate settings when travelling abroad

Data roaming is what will build up your bill and add to your charges. Check your data roaming settings and turn off the toggle in your Settings section before you take flight. It’s great to be on-the- ball and well connected when you’re abroad, but there are so many free WiFi connections you may not even need to use your data.

Another great feature to turn off when you’re travelling is your automatic app updates. Simply do this by going into the Settings of your Apps and choose to remove Automatic Updates. This means you will manually have to check for new emails, check your followings’ Instagram updates and hold back on asking Siri any questions. But that’s better than reducing your spending limit when on holiday!

4 – Hit airplane mode when travelling abroad

Although choosing to turn your phone on airplane mode might not be possible for business trips, recreational trips are destined for Airplane Mode travel! Your time away from the office is a time to break free from the stress of the world, no interrupting texts from your confused colleague, no emails about the latest celebrity news and no calls from your local telemarketer eating away at your time away from home.

Choosing airplane mode allows you to manage your time for work, family and overall smartphone activity! It also saves your battery. Keep your phone on airplane mode until you need to use it. You’ll be a lot more flexible if you’ve got a fully charged phone.