The first impression of using a phone cover or skin is that it is cumbersome and hides the beauty of the exterior of the phone. That clean, smooth exterior surface, both rear and the front screen are likely to get scratched, broken or cracked without some sort of exterior protection for your brand new shiny phone. The more expensive the phone, the more upsetting it is when it becomes shabby and scratched. It makes perfect sense to protect your phone, whether costly or not.

Keep it new, keep its value

Keeping the phone spotless and damage free also ensures you get a better trade-in value. Even a two-year phone can fetch a decent resale price if it is in excellent condition. That way your new phone costs quite a bit less. Any damages to the phone will reduce the eventual resale value. A bit of precaution and realistic foresight goes a long way into preserving the value of your phone. The most essential thing is to be careful not to drop your phone. Apart from that, a phone cover or skin will do the job admirably. It will protect your valuable mobile device wear and tear external damage, and general destruction.

Multiple & Varied Options

Now that it’s been established that a phone cover of some sort is essential and keeps the value high let’s have a look at some viable options. The market is flooded with mobile phone cases, covers, skins and accessories. There are vinyl wraps, artistic skins, slim protective cases and a lot more. You can go for rubber, plastic, and silicone. They all offer a higher level of protection than skins. On the other hand, spins are more attractive, less costly and still provide excellent protection.

Why a phone Skin?

With new flagship phone models commanding high prices, the very least you can do is cover it with a skin. A less bulky, cheaper option than a phone cover, a skin offers a fashionable alternative. Phone skins provide a degree of protection against ageing, wear, and mishaps. They eliminate the bulky exterior of a phone case replacing it with a slimmer and tighter ‘skin’. They also allow the user to express him/herself with a personalised and artistic exterior design adorning the phone. A skin is a mid-way compromise. It will still keep your phone in good condition and maintain its shape and design. All the surfaces are protected from scratches and dents. When it comes to selling your phone, it will look new and pristine, just like the day you bought it. Since skins are much cheaper than covers, one can also opt to use two or three of them and alternate. Some of them even offer a high-resolution UV protective image which generally comes with free matching wallpaper that can be downloaded for the device. This will create a totally unique design which will likely turn heads with its stunningly appealing visual effect.

mobile phone protection

Why a protective phone case?

A phone cover, or case offers the ultimate protection and is preferable to a phone skin for expensive flagship models. The cases are generally shock-absorbing, and some even provide waterproof and weatherproof protection for those extreme conditions. It is worth spending extra to protect your phone to the max. Some cases offer a blend of style along with a high level of protection, and one can acquire a phone case almost anywhere these days. The case costs a little more than a skin, but the extra investment will lead to a better resale price down the road.


Keeping your phone in good condition should be a priority from the day you purchase it. In fact, you should buy a phone case, or skin when you buy your new phone. It won’t stay pristine for long without protection. All those horrible cracks, nicks and dents will start to appear in no time. The phone will start looking dirty, worn out and old without a decent phone case. If these reasons aren’t enough to convince you to use a protective case or skin, you will find out down the line, when you struggle to sell your phone.