Finding an interesting enough person to spend a Friday night with can be quite tough in little Malta. Apart from the fact that you practically already know everyone on the island from school, sports clubs, after school activities; a good portion of the available people out there are either friends or family. This makes it pretty hard for the community living in Malta to find people to hang out with and possibly even start a relationship with.

Thankfully, the awkwardness and discomfort felt in chatting up newer characters in your circle of friends has been replaced with a handy app most social bees have grown to know and love; Tinder.

Tinder Malta & Dating Apps in Malta

Tinder is a dating app that allows its users to swipe left or right on each candidate that appears on their screen. Swiping left means you’d rather not be in contact with that particular person, but swiping right opens you up to a world of online flirtation that could lead to a fully blossomed relationship.

The digital revolution of chatting someone up has taken the world by storm and Malta is no stranger to apps such as Tinder. This location-based dating app allows you the freedom of finding your match without the uncomfortable conversations at a bar where your comfort zone and patience are more often than not… compromised to say the least.

In earlier days, meeting people online was unheard of, but younger generations tend to take to social dating applications and other social media platforms; namely Instagram and Snapchat, for their slice of the pie. Looking at the fast pace of life the working age of single people lead; it’s not doubt that even the younger teens looking for love will follow suit.

Tinder app screenshot

With around 40% of US couples, kindling their relationship online; the need for social mixers in party venues, communities or university quads is dying. Tinder is the leading app that pairs up its users based on raw physical appearance or by means of similar interests or characteristics. And what makes this versatile app even better is its constant need to update, add features and improve its security.

Download Tinder and other Dating Apps

Downloading apps such as Tinder or Grindr; a similar app used within the gay community, frees up a bulck of the users time and allows for freedom of choice and a big pond of viable fish to choose from. The geo-based app picks up on anyone; local or not, living in Malta and opens up the gallery for your picking. Your selection on such apps is quite varied; and can take up many stages in the relationship too. Also, if anything goes further than you’d like it; you can always block and report that person for security reasons.

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If you’re looking for a new venture in the romantic side of your life, then Tinder could introduce you to your next fling, a serious relationship or your one and only soulmate. Worst case scenario; swipe left and the flirting, chats and any other unwanted communication will stop dead in their course. You’ve really got nothing to lose.


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