Keeping your mobile phone clean keeps it young and smart! It is also a reflection of yourself. It also maintains its value, protecting it from scratches, or from premature ageing. Cleaning of dust should be done carefully and without additive chemicals. Compressed air is ideal as it doesn’t do any harm as you disperse the compressed air onto the lens. Dust could get trapped inside the camera itself. In this instance, the best solution is to contact your dealer or agent to have it cleaned professionally.

Cleaning your screen & protection against wear and tear

The screen is the surface most susceptible to harm, therefore cleaning it, and removing fingerprints and stains should be your first priority. Opt for microfiber cloths that allow you to wipe down the lens with care gently. Placing your phone face downwards rather than upwards saves unnecessary damage to the screen, so always place it with its camera facing upwards and screen downwards. The lens is the most precious part of your camera. It has to be kept clean at all times; otherwise your photos will not be up to scratch. Keeping that ‘window’ clean will ensure your camera can see perfectly, and subsequently take perfect photos, as it should.

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Your worst enemy: Dusty Lens

Never expose your camera lens to an overly dusty environment as tiny particles of harmful dust will creep inside your lens, or damage the glass of the exterior. Dust is your worst enemy, so keep it far from your prized phone. If you simply wipe your lens with a tissue or cloth, you may cause more damage than good as you inadvertently rub the dust along the lens, thereby scratching it. You need to brush the dust from the central to the exterior of the lens very gently and carefully. You can then proceed to dislodge the dust from the edges of the lens. That’s the way to do it and cause as little harm as possible. Flipping your phone over will allow the dust to fall away as you brush it away.

Tools you will need

A microfibre cloth should do the trick and is the most basic, yet highly useful tool you will need to keep your lens clean. You can pick one up for a couple of Euro from almost anywhere, and they are commonly available at good mobile phone stores. The cloth will remove most smudges and clean other parts of the camera as well. For more stubborn stains, a lens cleaning fluid can be used. Just a few tiny droplets should be enough. They should be applied to the cloth, not the lens as the excessive fluid could damage the lens irreparably, so start with a few drops and increase the amount of fluid only if needed. Most stains and smudges will easily come clean with just a few droplets of cleaning liquid.

What to Avoid

Water is still one of your worst enemies, but also your ally if used diligently. You can use it to dampen your cleaning cloth as long as you avoid rough materials. Additionally, do not use a hard tissue or stiff fabric with any scents or alien lotions as they will likely smear the lens rather than cleaning it correctly. Whenever you attempt to wipe your phone and camera lens in any way, make sure you have a solid grip on your phone so you won’t drop it during cleaning. It’s always better to clean your phone while it is placed upon a surface, so you have both hands free. That will ensure the phone does not slip from your grasp.


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