In a fast-paced world where time is money, technology is key in continuously assisting humankind on a daily basis. People tend to find quick solutions or fixes to accommodate their ever-increasing demands, juggling between personal life and work.

The cyber and virtual realms brought with them a plethora of options from which modern societies can benefit. Everyone got accustomed to surfing the net, reading the latest news or reviews on products to purchase in the next minute, while checking emails and mingling with friends/family members via an array of social media platforms. All this is done in an instant from the palm of our hands via diverse-owned devices like smartphones or tablets.

For the last decade or so, our renowned friends at Google who certainly don`t need any introduction, apart from the search engine we often utilise, provided a service which could come in handy to many, namely – Google Voice.

If you never heard about it or maybe thought that Google offered only the Assistant (believe us there are even more services), well read on, as the Voice could be an additional feature you might find advantageous for both personal and business usage.  

Google Voice – A Brief Overview

Although as aforesaid Google has been providing the Voice service for circa the past ten years, many are still discovering it since it is considered as a niche package dedicated to individuals who need to shuffle or isolate their frequent calls better.

Primarily, Google Voice is a phone service which includes:

  • A phone number which can be used to make or receive calls
  • The capability to send text messages (SMS) to compatible numbers
  • A visual voicemail platform which includes transcription
  • Spam call recognition & automatic stalling options
  • Call history

Sounds convenient, right? Well, we still do not recommend Google Voice to replace your main phone service especially if you receive a lot of calls, but it can serve as a helpful backup tool and a perfect solution if you hold a home business or a side hustle.

We believe that following this explanation many of your enquiries have been covered, for sure though some common questions or FAQs remain, and well most probably yours is one of the below listed.

Google Voice is Compatible With…

Being a highly optimised service, it works across both Android and iOS devices, plus many kinds of computers.

Really there is no need to worry about compatibility with your operating system.

Is It a VoIP Service?

First off the bat, for those who don`t know what VoIP is, it means Voice over Internet Protocol, which in a nutshell is a technology that allows you to make voice calls utilising a broadband internet connection as a substitute to regular or analog phone line. Many businesses which have a considerable amount of incoming calls use some kind of VoIP system, which is also the technology behind most of the burner phone number apps found on the Play Store.

Google Voice is a VoIP service yes, and you will need at least a broadband for it to work flawlessly, which will allow you to set up a phone system and manage calls.

As we saw Google Voice holds a variety of features, while their version of VoIP is streamlined and easy for all kinds of people to use. Business versions then go more deep including phone management and number assignment, allowing companies to support a fleet of phones if need be, scaling up when the business grows.

Google Voice is one of the best VoIP services, and in our busy modern lives, it represents a more timely solution than it has ever been in the past.

Do I Need Google Voice?

It makes more sense to consider Google Voice if you happen to have a side hustle or a business, as the service grows with your company as needed, while you can also pick and choose a vanity number in line or significant for your business, or one that`s easy to remember.

On the personal side, it could come useful as a separate number on which you receive your gigs requests, volunteer positions or anything that you don`t want mixed with your personal phone numbers or calls, adding also privacy.  

Wrapping Up

We all grew up hearing and being taught that time is money, time is precious, we shouldn`t waste time, that what can be done today shouldn`t be left for tomorrow, and so on. Time could indeed be a friend or a foe, and it doesn`t wait for no one.

The dawn of technology brought with it an abundance of options from which we can choose and apply to make our lives easier, and Google Voice is one of these. Having Google taking care of your calls represents a peace of mind and lets you prioritise by focusing on other more urgent tasks at hand.

I believe even Grandma would have been proud to see me utilise Google Voice to manage and separate my personal calls from business ones, gaining additional time in my favour to meet my responsibilities and demanding duties in a more comfortable way. All this must not be underestimated, as it will result in reducing stress from our already hassled lives.

So, if you need an additional phone number in your life, Google Voice has you covered, while it is also attractive since its service is easy to sign up for with few strings attached. It`s free to sign up if you hold a Google account, but making calls and sending texts with zero fees applies within the US only, so check what your country`s rules state, also regarding international calls if you intend to use them. Business plans start at $10 to $30 monthly.

Trust that by now you gathered a good idea about Google Voice, and maybe we got you considering it or you have also reached a decision. If with our insight we managed to assist you in this, well we are glad, and you`re welcome!