Mobile phones and water and not compatible, period. Water is your phone’s worst enemy. As we use our cellphones more and more, the chances of dropping it in water have increased. First off, try not to panic. If your phone gets wet, it’s not the end of the world, and you might just save it from destruction. What steps can you effectively take to salvage your phone?

Step 1: Pick it out of the water ASAP

By following a few necessary steps, you might be able to save your precious phone and breathe new life into it. It goes without saying that the longer your phone remains submerged in water, the more significant the harm, so pick it out of the water as soon as physically possible. Every millisecond that your phone stays in water decreases the chances of bringing it back to life.

Step 2: Do Not Press the Buttons at any Cost

If you give in to temptation and try switching on your phone immediately by pressing the buttons, you will exasperate the problem and possibly let residual moisture or tiny droplets in, causing further damage.

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Step 3: Dry your phone instantly

If you have a dry cloth or tissues, dry your phone as soon as you pick it out of the water to prevent any water from sliding in. If you don’t have cloth, use your clothes! Whatever you have that can be used, should be used as it will likely prevent further damage.

Step 4: Shake your Phone

Give it a couple of shakes to release any water that may be lodged within the tiny groves. There may be water hiding in the cracks and grooves of the outer case of the phone, headphone socket, or any buttons that can be depressed. By gently shaking your cellphone you will release any excess water and reduce any further damage.

Step 5: Remove Internal Components

By removing the internal components of your phone, not only do you prevent any residual moisture from penetrating the internal mechanism, but you also save the data you have on your sim card or your microSD card. Providing your mobile phone has a removable back, and battery pack, then remove them and dry them off separately and thoroughly. You will hopefully be able to save a portion of your valuable phone data. You should preferably put the components upon a dry cloth, or paper towel and leave them there to dry for a while.

Step 6: Stick your phone in Rice

Sticking your phone in rice may seem unorthodox, yet the qualities of rice absorb water and humidity, which is a natural way to dry your phone without using artificial methods. Pour the rice into a small container, and submerge the phone components fully into the rice leaving no part exposed to the air. After a few hours, move the phone around a bit and leave to settle again for another couple of hours.


Step 7: Prevention is much better than Cure

The best advice to ensure you do not drop your phone is to be extra careful when you go to the bathroom, as the most common accident is dropping your phone in the toilet. You could purchase a waterproof case, and several newer phone models are now water-resistant. A water-resistant smartphone is sure to bounce back from being dropped in the pool, or the toilet. You should avoid leaving your phone on slippery and wet surfaces in the bathroom, as it can slide off and fall into the water.

Famous Last Words

Ultimately, the longer you leave the phone to dry, the better the chances of it working again. The minimum time you need to make before attempting to make a phone call is a full 24 hours, and 72 hours is even more effective. The moment of truth will come when you take your phone out of the rice and, dusting off any starch, and put the various components back together and switch it on. Hopefully, your phone should turn on and start working properly again. I’m the event that it does not,  try to leave it in rice once more, and failing that, your phone may be dead for good. Check to see if the MicroSD card or SIM card still work by trying them out on another phone, as you might have managed to at least save those and reciter your data. Worst case scenario, take the phone to the agent or retailer and get it repaired. Failing that, you will have to buy a new phone, so better take great care when close to water, as it is your phone’s worst enemy.


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