Staying connected with your family, friend or work associates is vital in this day and age, where messages are shared constantly, be it in the form of photography, video, text, voice recordings, emojis or even memes and gifs. We’re constantly sharing and updating our lives. Social media has dominated the means of communication around the world, we share masses of content across the web for all to see, but some things are a little more private and are intended to be shared with only a select few people – enter personal messaging; with the leading transmitter of this unique data; WhatsApp.

Used by over 900 million smartphone owners, WhatsApp boasts a huge community of people who make use of this free messaging app on a daily basis. There’s a myth that WhatsApp is only available on smartphones, due to the fact that an active mobile number is required; well we’re here to prove this myth wrong!

WhatsApp can, we repeat, can be downloaded and user on Android and Apple tablets. Follow the instructions below to find out how to install this app of conversations to your tablets.

WhatsApp for the Android users

Android tablets without SIM card

  1. First off, head to the Settings of your Android and enable your tablet to install sources that are unknown to your device by following the path from Securities
  2. Use the web browser of your choice to to find the WhatsApp download page on your tablet
  3. Download and install the app
  4. Here’s where it gets tricky… a code will be sent to your phone number via SMS – if your phone is accessible, type in the code onto the tablet when prompted
  5. Since your tablet has no SIM card, the app will not receive the code automatically and may not ask for code verification but be patient, 5 minutes is all you have to wait for a voice verification option to be given as an option; this will automatically send the code to your phone
  6. As soon as the code is delivered, enter the code and enjoy using the app

Android tablets with SIM card

  1. This is quite a simple procedure, download the app file from your preferred browser
  2. Allow the app time to install
  3. Shoot all your details its way and verify your phone number
  4. Get chatting


WhatsApp for the Apple users

WhatsApp web can only be accessed through Safari

  1. Your first step? Open Safari on your iPad and go to the WhatsApp website, once the page loads you’ll notice the you’ve been directed to the WhatsApp homepage
  2. No worries here, tap and hold the refresh button found on the right of the website address. Give it two seconds and a ‘Load desktop site’ option will appear – tap it
  3. The WhatsApp web interface will appear on your screen – with a QR code to pair with your iPhone
  4. Head to WhatsApp’s settings and scan the QR code to pair the two devices
  5. Your page should load and display your chats, so get chatting

It’s fair to say that downloading WhatApp on tablets is not that convenient in process but really worth the one time extra hassle for a messaging system that quick, free, fun to use and very popular across the globe – all without taking your eyes off your tablet screen. Download WhatsApp on your tablet and keep in touch with your contact on all of your devices.