There’s no place like home, and there are few things as rewarding or satisfying as a call home to your loved ones, especially if you are far away from them. Perhaps you are living, working or studying in another country and haven’t seen your family, significant other or close friends for months. Home is the place you possibly grew up and feel safe and comfortable. Your place of relaxation, tranquillity and safety. Calling home is undoubtedly an important event.

A Lifelong Bond

Home is where you spent years with parents and siblings, a place of coming of age and of discovery and growth. Home forms a lifelong bond that lasts throughout a lifetime. You may have left home years ago, but your heart will always be attracted calling your folks back home could put a smile on their faces and brighten their day. You family deserve your attention now and again, and a simple five-minute phone call gore a long way to paying them the attention they richly deserve.

Always Connected

Today almost everyone has a mobile phone, even your parents! Nevertheless, that call makes all the difference to them. You can call using WiFi, or access one of the many low-cost call services such as Skype, Google’s Hangouts, Telegram, Viber, or Facebook Messenger. Standard rates for international calls have come down considerably in recent years, and it doesn’t cost a fortune to call mum or dad back home. It becomes all too easy to get sucked up into your own life, totally forgetting to keep up with your loved ones who have been there right from the start.

calling home

Never Lose Touch

A short call to grandma or mum and connecting to your loved ones has many benefits, and the main one is keeping family ties and not losing touch. As you grow older, that takes on more significance and importance. The plain truth is we all need our families in some way or another, and you may never really know how much they might need you. No man is an island! We all need somebody and family most of all, as they are the only ones there when you really need someone. Keeping up with all your family goings on and developments show respect for what matters to them most and is the ultimate compliment for someone you love.

Break away from the norm

We all need a little bit of a break from the mundane tasks of everyday life, and what better way than calling home from your mobile device wherever you are. It is reassuring to hear a familiar, trusted voice that takes you back to younger years and less complicated times. That call home can give you that reassuring feeling of satisfaction that all is fine with the world after all.

There’s No Excuse!

With the plethora of low-cost communication methods available, there really is no excuse for not calling home regularly. Worst case scenario, you can always email, message or send a virtual postcard, but nothing beats a good old fashioned phone call. Of course, with online call services such as Skype, you also have visuals. So spend a few minutes of your precious time to call home and reassure your immediate and extended families you are alive and kicking! You will be letting them know you really and genuinely care about them and are always thinking of them.