A smartphone can have several useful accessories designed to protect the device or add value in some way. While some of them are superfluous, there are several convenient and essential accessories you simply must have. Although the most useful accessories depend on what you use your smartphone for, and how many hours a day. The most useful accessory has to be:

1 – Phone Cover or Case

The protective skin you cover your phone with is the most essential accessory you can have. It protects your smartphone from scratches and damage. If you drop your phone, a protective cover will ensure your phone doesn’t break. Moreover, it keeps your phone looking new, which means the resale value will be higher. With the latest iPhone and Android smartphones superseding the €1,000 mark, it makes perfect sense to spend a few Euros more on conserving the phone’s value. Furthermore, you also avoid costly and time-consuming repairs. Make sure to select a case that fits the shape of your phone perfectly. Also, make entirely sure that all the cutouts align correctly, and the case clip should wrap around the front part of the smartphone which helps prevent the screen cracking. Make sure the grip is comfortable for your hand to hold and test it out in the pockets you generally carry your phones.

2 – External Battery Power Pack Recharger

It might seem like a luxury at first glance, but having an external power pack to recharge your smartphone battery is extremely useful, especially for those long tiresome journeys, when your phone battery always seems to run out on you! A battery pack is inexpensive and affordable and should be the second most important item on this list.

3 – Earphones

The next vital accessory is a pair of earphones or headphones. If you need to make a confidential phone call, or you don’t want to inform anyone near you who is on the line, earphones are essential. You can also listen to music, watch movies on your phone with your earphones and they are downright useful. Plus, there is a good reason why your new smartphone comes with an earphone set. Consuming media on a daily basis, earphones allow you the privacy and convenience to use in noisy places. There is a vast choice of options including earphones, headphones, and earbuds. Wireless sets are set to replace traditional wire headphones for good, so it is worth getting a pair of those.

4 – Mounts

If you drive around a lot, a mount is more of an essential than a luxury. Even more so if you use your smartphone as an on-car navigator with GPS. Having it mounted in a comfortable position, so you don’t have to crane your neck or take your eyes off the road each time you check a route. You need to check on how it sticks to the surface, whether magnetic or suction, however, car mounts are typically designed to hook up onto the air vents or onto the dashboard.

5 – Screen Protector

A phone case covers the rear and sides of your smartphone; however, it leaves the screen exposed. That’s why you need to invest in a screen protection system. New smartphones do come with strong glass that is scratch resistant, to a certain extent. They are still impervious to scratching and an effective screen protector preferably made of tempered glass will help prevent scratches, breaks or nicks to the screen of your smartphone. It will ensure your screen remains smooth and functions flawlessly.

Worth a Mention

There are many other useful accessories you can buy. If you use your phone primarily for photography, then an external lens will transform your phone into a professional photo camera. You can opt for a Zoom lens, a macro lens to help you get super close-ups. There are wide-angle lenses that capture the panoramic views to perfection. The most comprehensive option is a multi-purpose lens which allows all possibilities. If you are the sporty type, then an armband is a useful accessory to store your phone while jogging along and listening to music on your earphones and use the hands-free function.